The Way of the Heart

The Way of the Heart

Includes 10 films

The Stations of the Cross are a long-standing tradition among Christians who choose to hold a vigil in their hearts during Good Friday. From the 14 original stations of the cross, we have selected 10 films that we believe embody 10 markers of Jesus’s journey, and allow us to make the inward trek of death to resurrection alongside him. We hope these stations, films, and meditations. will be a blessing to your journey, and open up his Way of the Heart. 

Series Stations & Films

  1. I Jesus is Condemned to Death // Brian Mclaren’s “Justice, Power and the Kingdom”
  2. II Jesus takes up His Cross - Glennon Doyle “Broken is the Beginning"
  3. III Jesus Falls - Richard Rohr’s “The Human One”
  4. IV Simon Helps Jesus Carry the Cross - Dwight Peterson's "Losing My Faith" 
  5. V Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem - Jurgen Moltmann’s “God the Mother”
  6. VI Jesus is Stripped of His Garments - Erwin McManus’ Naked and Unashamed
  7. VII Jesus is Nailed to the Cross - Danielle Shroyer’s “All the Way Down”
  8. VIII Jesus Promises His Kingdom to the Thief on the Cross - Marguerite Barankitse,’s “Criminal Love”
  9. IX Jesus Dies on the Cross - Rowan Williams’ “In the Depth”
  10. X Jesus is Buried in the Tomb - Walter Breuggemann’s “Die and be Raised”

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