The Waiting

The Waiting

Includes 8 films

The Waiting: An Advent Reflection series includes:

  • 4 visual benedictions
  • 4 loops
  • Leader guide
  • 4 invocations
  • 4 confessions. 

The word “advent” comes from the Latin word, meaning “arrival.” This season attempts to turn our hearts back in order to look at the arrival of the Christ child and to turn our hearts forward in order to anticipate the arrival of the Christ King. Whenever we are expecting a visitor, there is always a sense of waiting, anticipation, and hope. However, there are also the feelings of anxiety, dread, and fear. What if things don’t turn out as planned? For some, the wait can be long and difficult. 
These liturgical pieces are to help tune the heart to the pitch of proper waiting. They are to provide the right tension between anticipation and expectation. They do not seek to fill the gap and longing, but to help us to know God’s presence in these times.

Using the liturgy
In the context of a church, these prayers and responsive readings can be used to set the tone to each week of Advent. The videos can be used in conjunction with a reading of the prayers or they could stand by themselves. The questions that accompany the benedictions can be used in small group bible studies.
For individual use, play these videos during the appropriate weeks in Advent, as your own prayers and mediation. The curriculum for the benedictions can also be used to give guidance to the benedictions.

These prayers are often used at the beginning of Church services to invite the presence of the Holy Spirit. This is a way to prepare our hearts of the presence of God during our time of worship.

At times we need to confront our failings toward God and others. These confessions acknowledge our waywardness and help us realign our souls to the one who is forgiving and merciful. 
We hope that you and your community are blessed and enriched by these resources.

Included Films

Birth Giver
I Am Present
I Am The Path
Rejoice Loop

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