Enjoying God's Pleasures

featuringRichard Twiss

Are we so consumed with "mission" that we miss out on God's pleasures? Richard Twiss reflects.


  1. Twiss sees mission as about “telling God’s story” and imagines whether Jesus’ view of evangelism was about keeping others out of hell or “enjoying the pleasure and affection of our Creator, as children to Father, to Creator.” What might be the difference between evangelism as convincing about God so that they could keep out of hell and helping to tell a story of God’s gift of pleasure and affection?
  2. Why do you think many churches reject the view that pleasure and affection from God are gifts to be received and cherished?
  3. What keeps us from receiving these gifts?
  4. Twiss sees God’s love in “the birds, the rivers, the fishing.” How do we sometimes limit our view of God’s love towards us?
  5. What might cause the disconnection between enjoying the world God has made for us and thinking about joy in just “spiritual terms”?

Questions written by Phuc Luu.

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