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Economics and Purpose


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Miroslav Volf on whole scale economic transformation redesigned from a Christian perspective.


  1. To the question, “What does faithful presence mean in terms of Main Street and Wall Street reality?,” Volf says that there are systemic change that needs to be achieved and legislation that needs to take place. In other words, there needs to be wholesale change in the economic system “in the world to come.” People often think that they can be the individual revolutionaries in changing economic systems. How can we have hope and trust in God bringing about a global economic change? 
  2. “In our contemporary world we don’t ask questions of purpose,” says Volf. How have we taken the question of purpose important to any type of change? How is the goal of the common good also our own good? For the Christian, how can we answer the question, “What makes up the good life?”
  3. Volf says many colleges, Christian or otherwise, have given up the question of the good life. This is because we have replaced the goal of the “common good” with the goal of “personal preference.” How is the goal of the good life important to being a Christian? How can the church help people understand what the good life looks like?


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