But Not Held

featuringWalter Brueggemann

A prayer by Walter Brueggemann.


Christ is Risen!

We watch this Jeremiah mired down in mud, in cistern,

      in fear and hostility
      all around him
      finally extricated by watching friends who have done your work.

We watch this Jesus, set deep in the grip of death…but not held!
                                 held over night,
                                                         but not held;
                                 held two nights,
                                                         but not held;
     Because the power of death could not hold him.
We know ourselves to be held,
                       over night, for two nights, too long,
                       held by fear and anxiety,
                       held by grudge and resentment;
                       held by doubt and fatigue;
                       held by too much stuff,
                                  by all manner of the forces of death.
Held, powerless…but turned toward you.
You in your risenness, make Sundays even for us,
                                                          even among us,
                                                          even here,
                                                          even now,
                                                          no longer held. Amen.

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