A nativity reflection by Kelly Ann Hall. 

Angels and a Holy Night

A multitude,
A message,
A magnifying, most brilliant Light—
          “Heaven and Earth—Come and see!”

Levels of frequency, Elohim
Intention of Voice, Adonai
One holy resonance reverberating a glorified El Shaddai.

Blast the trumpets!
Sleeper, awake!

HaShem draws back curtains of night;
          we, as guides, assemble to behold the sight
I AM-With-Us became I AM-With-You,
          Yahweh, Immanuel, embodied Truth!

Gather and listen, see and proclaim;
Miracle of miracles, much bigger than a name!
          “Strike up the sound! It’s time to announce!
                    Lord of Lords, Prince of Peace is what they can pronounce.”

Unbelievable, but here he is!
Undeniable, the glow about his cheeks.
Will they unite in vision? Will they sing along?
Pick up their measure of his Earth-song…
          Speak Love to the stranger, hate to none
                    offer peace and comfort to everyone!

To the highest heights of the universe, glory to God!
          And on earth, peace among all people who bring pleasure to God!

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