Bashed and bloodied, But bones not broken. He spoke his final words - “It is finished,” completed - It was all he could do for us, To pour out himself for people who made a mockery of his life...He hung his head …This reflection/poem is Inspired by the text from Good Friday in the church calendar. Written by Kelly Hall and Phuc Luu, acting by Jeremy Wells, filmed by Josh Spires and music by Aural Method. 

Where The Light Ends

Clouds collide
To come together
Turning soft white into a dingy black
To walk up the hill to the place of the skull
Following soldiers And mockers And someone who carried a cross
For one unable to carry his own He was left to our own devices
To do with him as we wished
To tear him apart
Clothes of a king
Scraps of humanity scattered to the wind
Bits of flesh off the back
On this dark and dirty day
Painted in bruised purple
Surely God had forsaken him
Left him here
Cast out of the womb
From the warm garden of birth
Taken from the mother’s breast
And given to this humanity
He no longer belonged to us, and we are no longer his
To a mother he said, “this is your son”
And to a son, “this is your mother”
At this point, each had went their own way

In this place I stood up
In the shadow of these figures
Pressed against the sky
Paper men cut out by scissors
I saw myself as them
In all the moments of rejection
As stones thrown out from the quarry
Polished in the pain and suffering
Where my own cross was too heavy to carry
And the weight of my regret and loss pressed heavy on my chest
The anxiety of wanting to make something more of myself
Was almost too much to bear
All my work was of waste
All my dreams nailed up on a tree

But it was too much for this crucified king
Who was made a victim for all our crimes
A voice for a suffering
We emptied our guilt upon him
We made him a burden for our shame
Becaus e we could not bare to take the blame
Because we rejected God’s gift of goodness
Looking up, Jesus cried out to God
To hear only deafening silence
Bashed and bloodied
But bones not broken
He spoke his final words
“It is finished,”
It was all he could do for us
To pour out himself for people who made a mockery of his life
He hung his head …
Entering into the tomb
Where the light ends and the nothingness begins
No longer in the land of the living
But another entrance
To be sealed shut,
East of the Eden
Dissolving life

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