What Happens When You Die?

featuringRichard Rohr

Richard Rohr's thoughts on dying.

Note: In this clip when Richard refers to the “blue level”, he’s referring to the “rational consciousness level.” At this level of consciousness, people become the victim of their rational prowess. What they don’t understand, they call wrong. Intolerant of previous levels, this spiritual adolescence results in doctrines like biblical inerrancy and papal infallibility. Because of their inflexible emphasis on belief and not faith, Rohr calls those at rational consciousness “practical atheists”. Most conservatives find themselves at either this stage or the “tribal consciousness level.” In the triable level, innately dualistic, this stage sees deep group conformity regardless of what might be true. Dualisms include us/them and win/lose, and karma – you get what you deserve – totally dominates grace. The bible becomes a totem and the only “wisdom” is the conventional.

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