Talking Donkeys

featuringRichard Twiss

Richard Twiss on why North American Christians don't listen to donkeys.


  1. Twiss reflects, “The fact that certain potentialities and possibility exist is the result of God making those things possible.” The examples he gives of the hearing of dogs and the sight of eagles as being better than humans. However, Twiss says that this “does not limit other possibilities in terms of their existence.” All possibilities come out of God’s being. Native American spirituality has come to certain truths about the universe that are affirmed in quantum physics. However, often this form of spirituality is perceived as “satanic” or “of the devil.” How might we come to understand how others perceive the world in which they live? 
  2. Twiss retells the story of “Balaam’s Ass” (Num. 22:21–38) to point out that many evangelical Christians would interpret a donkey speaking as “demonic.” However, the ancient Hebrews did not see it this way. How can our culture influence, and limit, the ways in which we can see God work in our lives?
  3. How might we be able to understanding the good in other forms of spirituality? How can we embrace, in appropriate ways, forms of worship that are Christ-like?

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