This reflection/poem is Inspired by the text from Easter Day in the church calendar. Written by Kelly Hall and Phuc Luu, acting by Jeremy Wells, filmed by Josh Spires and music by Aural Method.

Setting Out Once Again

Out of the stale darkness,
he rises into the light,
bright rays of sun split the tops of trees,
and clouds depart
and blue fills sky the smell of angels lingers in the air—
his hair feels the cool breeze again

This was not the garden,
but a new world
made from the eruption of hope
and a life that could not be held down.
We were witnesses to the life
that rose from the dead
God’s relentless love,
who comes close to us
moving stones from tombs
opening the heart to another possibility
death no longer stands

My heart races in my chest
as I step forward to face the future
my future
that I grasp with open hands
with new naïveté
a child toward a mother
to be held and lifted up,
and cradled with care.

At times I hesitate
and I grasp onto memories of what once was
but I know that I am not alone in my apprehension
I feel the hands of others holding me.
3 These are my sisters, my brothers
who are not strangers to my fears and frailties
who have also confronted a hope that frightens them
who can feel their own scars,
both fresh and old
they step in pace with me
the weeping women at the gravesite
the scared disciples waiting in the upper room.

This is our future
where we walk together
toward our new home
built by the hands of a wounded king
the new Zion
forsaking the kingdoms marked by boarders and divides
where all our settlements are only temporary shelters
sanctuaries of rest for the wounded and weary

Then the Christ returns to visit us,
as Galilee’s boats pull to shore
these places seem familiar—
the lapping water and the sand
but we are not to return to these lands
nor those dreams
but become pilgrims
to set our belongings in another home
to wash our sandy feet in some other place,
I to lay down our tired souls  on a distant promise,
quilted from both the today and the tomorrow.

And we dine as a day sees another setting sun
sitting across from each other once again
seeing each sweet face laughing deeply
feeling whole once more

And we see the Savior’s smile,
he knows our journey’s end
and pours us another cup
full of his own love
and this time,
our eyes tell him that we understand.

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