They did not turn an ear to him, but made of their hearts a stone and rejected him, broke him over the rock of all their hopes and fears - Trampled palms. Scattered ashes.This reflection/poem is Inspired by the Liturgy of the Palms and the Liturgy of the Passion text from in the church calendar. Written by Kelly hall and Phuc Luu, acting by Jeremy Wells, filmed by Josh Spires and music by Aural Method. 

Scattered Palms

The crowd swelled with excitement
Waiting for their newly anointed one
Who enters into the Temple of the heart
We opened the gates
For our victor to enter
To welcome this the Savior-soldier
The warrior-king
The one who will liberate us from oppression and cruelty
They yelled from the top of their lungs
“Hosanna – Save Us!”
From the enemies that threaten to devour us
“Save Us!”
From ourselves
Lifting our palms to the air in celebration

I cried out from the crowds that day,
One voice in a sea of people
One among many who carpeted the ground
With coats and palms
With hopes and dreams
For something better in this world
To make of it what I will
I placed a my passions
Upon this teacher,
The Master
Of bread and fishes
Of the deaf and blind
Of miracles and spectacles

But he was on a donkey
Not a noble steed
Who was brought down low
Seeking to rescue the outsider
To save us from our sins
“Who is this?” we questioned
“Then who are we?” we replied
Were we disciples following him
On this inglorious, triumphal road

They did not turn an ear to him
But made of their hearts a stone
And rejected him
Broke him over the rock
Of all their hopes and fears
Trampled palms
Scattered ashes

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