Tom and Dee Yaccino

The Yaccino’s have studied, researched, practiced and catalyzed transformational cross-cultural ministry for over 30 years, living and working first in rural Bolivia and later shaping Willow Creek Community Church’s Global Connections strategy for Latin America.  Today, Tom and Dee serve as co-connectors of a ministry they created with a community of friends to help coach churches and ministries "along the Way" as participants in God's mission of restoration in the world. 

Through partner relationships in the Dominican Republic (their home for 18 years), they also helped launch the Red del Camino Network (RdC), a church-based movement focused on stimulating local communities of faith to tangibly express God’s redemptive kingdom on earth. There are now RdC network movements in 9 countries with emerging networks in 3 countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. 

As Tom and Dee serve churches from different contexts around the globe, they have realized that missional communities of faith, no matter where they are, need help connecting in purposeful and meaningful ways through relationships. DCC was created to meet this need by bringing together like-minded, servant-hearted people who believe deeply in the local church’s role and responsibility in God’s plan for the restoration of all things. DCC also offers consulting and coaching services to churches and organizations that are passionate about partnering with the Global Church to leverage the shared spiritual, human, experiential and material resources that exist in the family of God, in response to Jesus’ vision to make all things new.

Their family (of 4 children from kindergarden to college) recently relocated to the Chicagoland area where Tom and Dee both grew up. Dee is pursuing a PhD in Intercultural Studies at Trinity University with the goal of bringing further scholarship to this missional movement towards healthy global partnerships that represent the Kingdom of God well. They would love to connect with you and learn about your partnerships in order to serve you in any way they can! You can reach them at:

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