Sherry Maddock

As residents of an inner-city neighborhood in Lexington, our lives are centered on seeking the Kingdom in this place. We enjoy being caught up in the slow work of belonging to a place and our passions lie in hospitality and urban farming. Building relationships across cultural and socio-economic boundaries is foundational to our work and we have made a vow of stability – to remain in this home for the long-haul. In addition to place-based neighborhood work we have assisted in refugee resettlement, advocacy for the poor in our city, racial reconciliation, healthy food access, and equity in the built environment. We finished our studies at Asbury Theological Seminary in 2001 with master’s degrees in missiology. The most compelling biblical image for us has been the call to “seek the welfare (shalom!) of the city” described in Jeremiah 29.

- Sherry Maddock, Lexington, KY

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