Joel Edward Goza

After receiving degrees from Wheaton College and Duke University, Joel Edward Goza joined the staff at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church in Houston’s 5th Ward. For 10 years, Joel focused on issues of faith, race, politics and urban research.

He provided leadership in urban redevelopment, immigration and educational reform initiatives, developed the Healing the Brokenness Conference that brought Christian leaders together across racial, economic and denominational lines with leading scholars, and facilitated partnerships between the 5th Ward and leading research universities.

Joel also served as a Visiting Scholar on Race, Religion, and Politics for the Center for Faith and Culture at St. Thomas University and at Baylor University's Truett Theological Seminary. Today, Joel continues to write and work from the 5th Ward. He has written for The North Star, The Houston Chronicle, and Salon. When not working, 

Joel Edward Goza

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