Jenny Flannagan

Jenny Flannagan is a creative communicator. For the past seven and a half years she has worked for the International NGO Tearfund, where she has helped to establish and facilitate an international network of theologians and practitioners committed to equipping Christians to make a difference in their communities. Her particular passion is storytelling and she uses film, performance, music, writing and social media to tell stories of hope from the world today.

To this end she has travelled extensively in Latin America, Africa and Asia and particularly enjoys collaborating cross-culturally to share stories across different regions.

Jenny is also a trained actress and established her own theatre company, The Ruby Dolls, at the start of 2009. Deborah Ross described their latest show, Rubies in the Attic, as "spectacularly inventive, playful storytelling....if you can catch it, you must."

Jenny also works in partnership with her husband, Andy Flannagan, as a speaker, writer and musician, helping Christian organisations and churches to engage creatively with mission and spirituality.

Jenny Flannagan

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