Danielle Fanfair

Imagine a baby with three parents: Oprah, Saturday Night Live Executive Producer Lorne Michaels and late comedian Dick Gregory: that’s Danielle.

She has this uncanny ability to merge her irrational optimism with her ideas for helping people believe in themselves and carry that belief into generous and generative action in the world.

With the timing and wit of a comedian, the obsessive research of a nerd, and the compassion of a social worker, Danielle writes, teaches and leads people to discover:

  • The truth of who they are,
  • The essence and quality of their gifts and
  • The productivity, creativity, and loving relationships that are possible for them.
She’s generously offered her talents to thousands of people who are living their best lives as a result of her work.
She is a guide, a coach, and a facilitator to personal innovation.

She’ll have you laughing, learning and loving everyone better.

Danielle is a writer for us at The Work fo the People and has written/curated the following series: Living Fully Expressed in Love: A Five-Session Series on a Life of Worship, and Opening: A Season of Beginning.

Danielle Fanfair

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