Chris Seay

Chris Seay is a leader in the emerging church discussion, church planter, author, and third generation baptist pastor. Currently, Chris is the President of Ecclesia Bible Society where he is orchestrating a Scripture project that seeks to retell the biblical narrative with the literary beauty of great poetry and story as well as historical truth. As Pastor of Ecclesia Houston, Chris leads a unique congregation that is living out the gospel faithfully in an urban environment. He is also the author of seven books, including The Gospel According to Tony Soprano, The Gospel Reloaded, and The Last Eyewitness.

The Man In Black


Chris Seay speaks about Johnny Cash, telling stories that honesty reflect our lives.

Protest Vs. Listening


Chris Seay speaks about protesting verses listening, the Church's response to controversy, and seizing the opportunities to dialogue.

What is Sacred?


Chris Seay speaks about Sacred verses Secular, seeking redemption in all things, and creating sacred spaces.

Give Life


Chris Seay speaks about the true meaning of Christmas and offers alternative gift ideas.

Holiday Pace


Chris Seay speaks about our hectic holiday pace and seeking times and places of peace during the Holy Days.

Art and Beauty


Chris Seay speaks about art and beauty, seeking truth, and Thomas Kinkade.

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