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Center for Reconciliation

Duke Divinity's Center for Reconciliation was founded in 2005 to inspire, form, and support leaders, communities, and congregations to live as ambassadors of Christ’s reconciliation.  After five years, the Center has become a leading voice in shaping a distinctly Christian vision of reconciliation, with a desire to equip the Church for reconciliation, justice, and peacemaking in a divided world.The fine folks from Duke's Center for Reconciliation are dear friends and collaborators of The Work Of The People. Below are resources available through the CRF you need to check out as well as the films that have grown out of our friendship.

Resources for Reconciliation

The Resources for Reconciliation series applies rigorous theological thought and methods of practical action to discover real solutions for reconciliation in areas of deep division on local and global levels. In keeping with the Center's mission to marry the study of theology with grass-roots issues, each book is authored by two prominent voices—one in the field, the other from the academy.

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Ellen Davis 

Maggie Barankitse

Norman Wizba 

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Center for Reconciliation

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