Operating Out Of Perception

featuringRichard Twiss

Richard Twiss, author invites us to consider voices from the margins to keep us from operating out of only our own perceptions.


  1. What does the church miss out when it does not invite “voices of margins” to speak?
  2. Twiss tells a story about his wife, who he says “is half-Welsh and half-Norwegian,” and his son, Ian, who were camping out in a tepee. Ian asked if his friend was White and he mother told Ian that she was also White. Ian did not believe this until she convinced him. His view of reality was informed by his perception of his mother as a Native-American. How can we often be mistaken in thinking that God acts like us?
  3. How can we hear God in ways in which we are not familiar?

Questions written by Phuc Luu.

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