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  • I appreciate everything The Work of the People provides. As a pastor, I look to the content provided for inspiration and pieces to share with others. 

    Christine Roe
  • I recommend the work of the people to others all the time because it is theologically relevant and challenging as well as artistic and creative. Keep up the good work!

    Jack Terrell-Wilkes
  • I want to also tell you your website is one of a kind. Truly has been and is a large part of our journey. Thank you so much for your all your labor to make this happen!

    Debbie LLoyd
  • Travis, what you do is nothing short of amazing. This ministry is profound - I get connected to all kinds of voices and ideas that I would never have at my finger tips in the same way. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your ministry.  I have worked with hundreds of people in small groups who have so appreciated TWOTP!!

    Matt Fillier
  • The work you are doing is very good and very important. Thank you for it.  If you ever do need anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your subscribers.

    Dustin Baucom
  • Travis, I do appreciate the beauty and work you put into these films, and am excited to be using these more in worship. Thank you for your ministry, your honesty, your depth of faith and spiritual breadth!! Thank you for your vision!! You have excited a minister to see and share the Word differently! God bless you!!

    Grace and Peace,

    Heather Morrison-Yaden
  • You have a way of taking images, especially ones that represent the grand diversity of God's kin-dom, and paint with glorious strokes visual poems and prayers; you expand what we see and therefore belief.  And these kinds of images really help a predominantly white upper middle class congregation move more fully into the diversity we must embrace if Christianity is to be relevant in the 21st century...not only socially and culturally but environmental and cosmically. You turn mere words into incarnate messages.  Thank you.

    Dr. Chris Neufeld-Erdman, Davis Community Church
  • Travis has done a great service to the church of Jesus Christ in The Work of the People – so many of us are grateful for his creativity, his faith and his joy.

    Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury
  • I am a 47 year old wandering all over the US mom who is soon empty nesting and struggling with a new identity and my faith outside of old community. I have followed you on FB and visited this site often and I am grateful for your work; for bringing these amazing voices and faces to me that I otherwise would probably never see. 

    Jennifer Honeycutt
  • Thank you Travis. This is the kind of thing--artful, inclusive, poetic, theologically rich, liturgically symbolic, edgy without gimmicks, real and raw--that we can make good use of. Grateful for your ministry. We use your stuff nearly every week.

    Dr. Chris Neufeld-Erdman, Davis Community Church
  • I love your website. You interview some phenomenal people and I appreciate the theology and topics. Your videos are truly a blessing and I appreciate them from a personal and church-wide perspective.

    Clay, Horton Trietsch Memorial UMC
  • Travis, Just a note expressing my appreciation for your work. The past seven weeks, two study groups, an average of 20-35 individuals each week engaged the series, “Hospitality and the Stranger.”  The energy and interest regarding the topics helped us to discuss and gain perspective on the current immigration dilemma from a thoughtful faith perspective.  Living in the Central Valley of California means that the vitriol of MAGA sentiments are tearing our communities apart. Our congregation, First Congregational UCC is one of the few churches who are willing to discuss the ramifications of hospitality and the welcome of the stranger.  I’m grateful to you for inviting a wide range of theological perspectives to this conversation. Your approach opened some of our more conservative members to think beyond clichés. Please know, at least from my perspective, that you are providing a diverse range of faith conversations which are needed for this period of history. 

    David Stabenfeldt, FCC/UCC Bakersfield, CA
  • Travis Reed’s storytelling is a visual mediation. His creative practice and film making gently guides us through the rugged waters of mindless meandering we can see in the media. His films don’t want to control you, the seem to center you. 

    Marlon Hall, Anthropologist & Filmmaker
  • There is nothing out there that compares to what Travis Reed is doing with The Work of the People. Travis’s video creations are genius—as rough and raw as the Christian faith they depict. They speak to both the restlessness of the journey of faith while also giving hope, not by avoiding the challenging questions but by speaking to them. The Work of the People models the authentic faith that spiritual pilgrims are seeking.

    Pete Enns, Author and Theologian
  • Travis Reed is a gifted, talented filmmaker who brings theology into life! The Work of The People films are crucial assets to churches, organizations, schools and groups who are interested in understanding Christianity for today. These films are artistic, provocative and heartwarming!

    Grace Ji-Sun Kim, Author & Theologian
  • I so appreciate your work and the people, the thinking and the faith perspectives that it exposes me to...And I am deeply grateful for your commitment to it and to the spirit in which you share it and make it available to people like me on the other side of the world!

    Marge Linely
  • I just wanted to thank you again for TWOTP.  It has been a huge blessing in my life and the life of a small group that I lead. The films are a wonderful avenue for spiritual growth. I can't say enough good things about TWOTP. I always look forward to new additions to TWOTP. God bless you and the work you do!!

    Bill Grabill
  • It is great to be back a part of TWOTP community. Thanks for the work you do.  It is inspiring and deeply prayerful! 

    Sr. Elizabeth, DC
  • Travis Reed has created one of the richest and most holistic virtual library of spiritual leaders candidly sharing their thoughts and experiences in this troubling era... Churches, home groups, intentional communities and individuals will find amazing gems to inspire and refuel. 

    Andre Lefebvre
  • I’m excited and so grateful to you for providing these videos. I have no doubt they will make a real difference in the world and the way we think.

    Linda Hagan
  • I am absolutely loving the content so far. Adding Work of the People to my list of things that are saving me on a daily basis. My cross to bear right now is big. My teenage son is in treatment for bone cancer. The Lent series has given me insight and comfort today. Thank you for your beautiful ministry!  Blessings.

    Deidra Schaub
  • Thank you for all you do to make unity, clarity and true spirituality available to us all.

    Janice Scales
  • I am just moved to tears by your site. Peace, Light and Joy.

    Ann Hatton
  • Hi TWOTP, I have greatly enjoyed subscribing to your brilliant website and the great productions you have produced. Thanks again for producing such an enlightening website, I have learned an awful lot which has equipped me well for my onward journey! Please keep up the great work. 

    Julian Smith
  • Hi Travis, Happy New Year! Thank you for your wonderful work. It really is such a Blessing. So Spirit filled. Truly Good News. And thank you for your kindness and generosity. Glory to God. Peace and Blessings.

    Jenipher Jones
  • Hey, Travis. I wanted to take a moment to thank you deeply for the healing work you do. I am so glad to have a yearlong subscription so that I can see images and hear words spoken which give me rest from a weary, discouraging day (at the end of an exhausting year). It's helping me to stay oriented toward light, when the darkness seems to keep calling. Your work is very important. And it reminds me, as a fellow artist/creative, that creative work matters in the pursuit of making our world a better, more God-inspired place. Rich blessings. My prayers are with you to have strength to continue this work, to share your gifts which are so powerful and very much needed. Thank you.

    Laura Norton
  • I just wanted to thank you for this space. It has brought me hope and grace and room to breathe theologically. I am somewhat surrounded by the message of legalism and I cannot tell you what it means to be able to come here and feel Jesus. Just want you to know how much it means to me. 

    Kerri Martens
  • Thankful for discovering your website as it has given me new language and hope during my journey of wrestling with the mystery of God.

    Nathan Siems
  • We have a subscription with TWOTP, and I use a video of yours at nearly everyone adult forum class I teach. Thanks for the great content. Don't know you, but I love you. 

    The Rev. Allan Cole
  • I love your work and am so grateful to have access to good thinkers and compelling theology. I am a Presbyterian Pastor in Charlotte, NC, and also one of the co-chairs of NEXT CHURCH, (  which is a movement in the PCUSA denomination intent on equipping and connecting leaders for healthy congregations. You often offer clips that provide my teaching a 3rd dimension in a way that deepens our conversations as a community. Our church is truly intergenerational, and so… they also bridge the generational gap. 

    Rev. Lori Archer Raible
  • Thanks so much for your hard work, Travis. Your resources are unparalleled! Having access to such rich resources has enriched our small church ministry so much!

    Dthea Webster
  • Dear Travis, As we move into celebrations of Thanksgiving, I want to thank you for gathering such wise persons together to create these meaningful visuals. So often when I find it difficult to pray, I just spend time with your many videos. God of compassion and mercy steps into my heart. Blessings on you and your loved ones. Your ministry enriches my life!

    Rebecca Ann Gemma
  • For the vision of multicultural, multiracial, multi religious communion that keeps showing up in your work, I give deep thanks...and for the visual way it shapes our lives.

    Chris Neufeld-Erdman
  • I just have to tell you that this site is already changing my life. I have been here for 2 days. I was raised in a very Pentecostal church. I graduated from a Bible college. I was going to be in full time ministry. My theology started changing but no one else around me seemed to understand. My heart has always been for the LGBT community even when it didn't make sense to my Christian family. My heart is for the refugees, for the kids in school who have to be in special classes because they are emotionally disturbed. My heart is for the forgotten. It was not until I found your online church, the work of the people, that I have begun to felt fed again. I am not at home in traditional church. God has never stopped speaking to me but now I can hear from other people who have been hearing the same message of hope. I knew I was not alone. I cried through the entire 13 minutes of Healing Justice. Thank you so much for this site. 

    Rebekah Russell
  • Thank you for seeking out Kallistos Ware. Your questions and the whole conversation was really enriching for me! You are doing a good work. Thank you.

    Wes Goertzen
  • I want to thank you for the amazing witness that is The Work of the People. The work is inspiring, thought, and action provoking. I also want to thank you personally. A couple of years ago I was going through a pretty bad end to a relationship. Long story short, I had to go through my finances and cut pretty much all my subscriptions, etc. because I thought I may be destitute and for a while financially I was. I had to email you to request a cancellation of subscription. Not only did you cancel the subscription, but allowed me access for a while. Such a lesson in Grace and abundance. I learned that golden Truth that I am never "destitute." Thank you. Years later, I have renewed my subscription:-) I also now understand that what I thought was a horrible event, was the catalyst to my rebirth and Calling. The Work of the People has been so central during that process. Thank you again for your work of witness, generosity, and time. Have a great day!

    Jenipher R. Jones
  • The Work of the People and all that is involved is a gift for m God. I am grateful to have found it am always looking for new messages to share. I have invited others to join it. Peace and love be with you all.

    Kathleen Beube
  • My heart has found a home... I have found my community... I am grateful

    Elaina Kimball Shanahan
  • Travis Reed has been building a film archive of truth and beauty for some time now. Ecumenical bastard that I am, I am often at a loss to say whose house I belong to in the wider Christian community. Browsing Travis' catalog is like walking into the family gathering I didn't know I had. 

    Marcus Peter Rempel
  • Some days, I'm pretty sure I could watch these vids by Travis at The Work of the People all freaking day. Already today I've 'sat' with Parker J. Palmer, Mike Frost, and a new voice that I adore, Marlon Hall, talking about a Love Renaissance. Seriously, this is my jam. For only $7 a month, you get personal streaming and can choose from diverse voices that will inspire and provoke you toward life in your little corner of the world

    Donna S Mathwig
  • I so appreciate your work and feel that it is particularly important at this point in history.

    Laura Norton
  • I just wanted to send a note to say thanks for all the work that you have put into TWOTP. We have been using it as a resource in our faith community for many years, to the point where I finally bought a subscription myself. Thought-provoking, reflective, disturbing, encouraging are all words that I have used but mostly I would have to say validating - that I have discovered, partly through TWOTP that's it's OK to ask the questions and to have a "non-standard" approach to our spirituality. God is big enough to cope with that. So, thanks again. Keep up the good work....because it is good work. In thanks, 

    Matt Wills, Australia
  • Thank you so much for the amazing gift of your vision and your work to the wider church. Seriously.

    Matt Scheider-Adams
  • Just saying hello and thanks!  I don't have a church situation that supports using technology to access TWOTP. Nonetheless, I am grateful for the nurturing and discovery I encounter here for myself, which often translates in messages to "my" people. Thank you for your work ~ for faithfully sharing your gift. God bless you with transformation as you continue to serve. Shalom.

    Amy Moore
  • Thank you so much for your work at the Work of the People's been something deeply special for me to find it. It’s not my style to share so much like this, but I want you to know that your site has resonated with my spirit and a place I feel so at home. Peace! Keep up the good work!

    Saúl Martínez
  • I really do think you are doing some of the finest work I know about right now. I see you as a modern day John, preparing the way in the wilderness- dressed a little funny for some of the religious elites. Never claiming to be The Light but pointing toward The Light and the lights. All the voices that are calling us to turn back or to push through. All the voices that are revealing the blueprints of the Kingdom and showing us how to build it. And all the voices that are incarnating the Word in a way that we can meet him today, even if we are total outsiders. And for me, the beauty of your art lies in "we testify about what we have seen". The little bits of sarcasm I in you pieces I understand not only as your own voices from the past, but also as all of our daily doubts that (I think) all honest believers wrestle with. So as I watch, learn, have my breath taken away, faith strengthened and sole renewed, I feel like I get to see you daily converted back to passionate disciple, hungry to find the next witness. 

    John Porter-Acee
  • I suscribe to The Work of The People for content.  Through your work we have been introduced to Greg Boyd, NT Wright, Kathy Escobar, Brian Zahnd, Nadia Bolz-Weber, Richard Rohr, Tripp Fuller,.. the list goes on.  My thinking has radically changed primarily through these videos and I have been sharing this journey with this group.  We operate this like we are enjoying home movies together, in a collaborative party-like atmosphere.  Everyone is heard and everyone has say-so.  I am like the Sunday morning V-J playing the need video whenever the conversation lulls.  If you told me 3 months ago I would be doing this, I would have laughed in your face.  And if you called me a pastor, I might have punched you (or at least felt sad like failed to show love).  I just see an obvious need and am equipped to help fill it, so here we are serving. We sure are having a blast.  Thank you for all you work, we love it.

    Tom Orzechowski
  • Love your work - thanks for what you are doing to make a difference in the world.

    Jordan Rippy
  • It's been a struggle, but it has been incredibly fruitful in ways I would not have expected. Your post was exactly what I needed as an encouragement to continue to live into this unique desert experience and be reminded that God's lens is what I am truly seeking to look through. Thank you for the words, for the post, for your work. 

    Cody Anderson
  • Love love your work. Its alluring and connecting.

    Margaret Linley
  • Thanks for sharing your story, Travis. I love it and the lesson it continues to teach me that God uses everyone to grow God's kingdom -- credentialed in the world's eyes or not.  Keep up this great work. I and many others are richly blessed by it.

    Sumarme Goble,
  • Thanks so much for all your work - it was the spiritual oxygen we breathed many days as we deconstructed. We were lay leaders who served in our church 20-30 hours a week and just couldn't anymore (we have six kids too:)...and when we left we were definitely shunned. Super hard. So thank you - thank you for being a harbor to many. Your work is sacred and it matters.

    Ami Burr
  • The Holy Spirit through you and your work has touched so many of our students, even the "hard" ones, at their core. Thank you for being such a powerful instrument of God's grace. 

    Craig McDonald, Chair, Department of English, King's College
  • Dear all at The Work of the People, I wanted to make brief contact to say just how much I appreciate this site. I signed up several months ago and have found the site a real inspiration and joy. I am an Anglican priest in the UK who had found myself increasingly disillusioned with much of organized religion and somewhat "adrift"! Through your wonderful website I have felt rejuvenated and reconnected. It has introduced me to some people whose work I was only vaguely aware of or totally unaware of and inspired me to pick up there books and read more. The work you do - which is of a high quality - is very much appreciated. I remember TWOTP every day in my prayers. Thank you and bless you.

    Rev Graeme Hancocks, Haworth, Yorkshire, UK
  • Thank you for creating a place where the most respected minds around the world are distilling their most passionate and important thoughts into the bite size mega pixels that our brains can withstand in today's world.  An entire novel or semester's course in 6m30s. Your questions hit the heart of what God's people long to know and hear, in a way that the answers provided actually sound like answers.  I am an episcopal priest and I trust this website to teach my children who God is more than I would trust myself to teach them who God is.

    Reverend John Porter-Acee, Christ Church, Charlotte
  • I would like to tell you Travis, that my husband and I helped Pastor a church for 30 years. We left the church 2 years ago. I want you to know your work has absolutely been our life line in a very disorienting time. I want to tell you thank you and please know this from someone you will probably never meet. My husband and I could not be more thankful for what you are doing and the message you are getting out. Thank you, Thank you. Stay strong and courages!

    Art & Debbie Lloyd
  • So appreciate the beautiful work you are continuing to do!!  It is so refreshing to see quality videos that are inspiring, have great theology, and connect to young people (and certainly beyond…I just happen to work with young people).

    Julene Tegerstrand, Eastern Nazarene
  • Just want to say a giant THANK YOU to you for all the work and thoughtfulness put into these videos.  It was my first exposure to many of the people featured on your website, and several of them are 'saving' my faith journey.

    Jenivere Peters
  • I'm continually fed and growing because of the amazing work you do. Blessings in your work. Blessings on your day.

    Phil Campbell-Enns, Bethel Mennonite Church
  • So tonight I head off to Mercy Street (the other one, not in Houston!) Every Saturday I spend time and pick out at TWOTP video and every time I am so grateful for you and your gift. So grateful you were born, heard a call and listened (however stubbornly, as we all do) and made these films. They are saving a group of lives in eastern Jackson County Missouri every Saturday night. Grace and peace to you for one more day.

    Sarah Hale Wilcher
  • Your great imaginative spirit and the use you make of it are a gift to us all. I am delighted when we can be together. With my love,

    Walter Brueggemann
  • Travis. You're a man who knows how to see and listen -- even still as a young man. Peace. 

    Stanley Hauerwas
  • My name is Judith Sadora from Las Vegas, NV. I came across one of your videos from a post that a culture and faith professor of mine posted and I have enjoyed the very heart of what your doing with The Work Of The People.  I am a Marriage and Family Therapist student intern at the moment and in the process of my education and seeing clients within my profession I have had the privilege of meeting people and talking t them about a number of things that have been similar to those you interview. It has brought me joy to know what you do exists and these are things people are talking about around the world even in the context of faith. I have been in ministry for about 10 years and have seen so much in that and my profession that has given me a different perspective on life. A good ministry partner of mine, who is also a Marriage and Family Therapist, and myself are leading a ministry here in the city of Las Vegas, NV that brings a different perspective to working with people from all types of backgrounds. We have found that being a therapists has allowed us to see people in a different way and that way really has made it effective in seeing people where they are at and loving them where they are without the same traditional approaches we have learned throughout the Christian culture. Its been insightful and mind blowing to see how much we as people can cause harm to the holistic wellness of individuals, even in the name of Jesus. That is where your videos and interviews have really helped us in this different perspective of loving and healing people where they are at.  I wanted to let you know that I have been extremely blessed and touched by your work and would be honored to meet you and your team one day. Thank you. 

    Judith Sadora, AHAVA Academy
  • I just had to drop you a note and share about our experience with The Ridiculous Journey bundle.

    We use quite a bit of TWOTP resources in The Journey Class at Arborlawn UMC/Fort Worth ( as it fits perfectly with our discussion oriented format and where our folks are in their journey.

    We are currently finishing up The Ridiculous Journey (a couple of sessions left to go), and the response has been overwhelmingly positive and appreciative by the class.  The videos (excellent cuts as always Travis) and the discussion questions and stories by Rich have hit home with folks on multiple levels.  It is touching folks in different ways and places in their life, evoking deeper journeys into their faith and life.  Each week folks are sharing personal experiences and fresh perspectives that the series and our conversations are eliciting for them.  Those conversations, offered with vulnerability, move us closer as a group where growth and accountability are the fruits.

    As a teacher/facilitator, I can not express the depth of gratitude I have to you guys for the quality and perspective of the work you are doing.  It is truly Kingdom building work!  And personally, I do not know where my faith journey would be without the numerous voices I have been exposed to through TWOTP.

    If you are ever in Fort Worth, drop in and join the conversation.  I suspect you will be greeted as cherished friends because of your gifts we have enjoyed.


    Tom Harkrider
  • I'm super thankful for you and your heart brother. God has used your art to open me up and bring massive freedom in my life.

    Ryan Williams
  • I recently learned about the Work of the People while collecting some material for use in a peacemaking workshop series I was leading. I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your work, its incredible quality, depth, range, all of it. I hope you keep doing this, that you are sufficiently supported by the people who use your work, and that you feel encouraged and appreciated as you go.

    Matt Balcarras
  • Blessings to you, your work is an inspiration to me, in crafting weekly pastoral messages. 

    Rev. Sandra D’Amico, Attleboro, MA
  • Hi Travis, Want to thank you and your team for compiling all of these wonderful videos!  Truly amazing, they have made me laugh, cry and everything in between! About 9 months ago I sensed God challenging me to abandon my old theology (that which was motivated by fear, need for clarity, and dualistic thinking).  As I began "unlearning" these things, religion, legalism, and black and white thinking faded away. Now I see God at work in EVERYTHING, not just in the three songs sung prior to the preacher giving the message on Sunday morning.  And I no longer see a divide between the sacred and the secular. Anyway, just wanted to thank you because your website has given me a lot of hope for "Christians".

    Nathan Siems
  • I wanted to share some feedback affirmations with you...I work in ministry in a small rural congregation that has not done a lot of 'study' or small group things. They have tended to think of themselves as not doing 'that sort of thing'. But it's part of ministry I LOVE and I have been slowly inviting them and introducing them to some different options and have had a group meeting off and on for a year or so now - maybe 5 - 7 people or so.  When I saw the preview/ad for this series I just knew where was a need and am offering a day+time and evening session. We have had up to 15 people in one day and many are people who haven't come to things before.  Just to give you an idea - our Sunday worship numbers average about 23 people - so 15 is huge!! And of course it's not about the numbers - but the depth that people have been willing to go - sparked by these short moments of reflection by some wonderful people has been truly awesome. Thank you for your work and I hope this little story gives you a sense of the seeds you have planted - even way up north near Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, on the Red River (: Blessings

    Rev. S. Manley-Tannis, Lockport, MB, Canada
  • You are doing fantastic work. I hope you know that. I literally bring people in my office almost on a daily basis and show them these videos and they leave in tears and in hope. Keep going, your Father in heaven is so proud of you :)

    Chris Potter
  • I can’t thank you enough for TWOTP - I have used it so much & been so incredibly enriched by it!!  Just amazing work.

    Bron Morris
  • I am at a particularly difficult place right now in my life. I am struggling with a broken relationship, financial difficulties and a host of other problems. I really was close to giving up and finding this site and the videos saved me and changed my anxiety to the peace that passes all understanding. It helped give me that little mustard seed of hope to hang on. It also made me want more faith, more love, more mercy. Thank you so much. You changed my life. 

    By the way, I have never in my whole life written anything like this. You have blessed me so much I had to write. 

  • Dear Travis, I love, love, love your work. In fact, I treated myself to a subscription this year because I wanted to savor the beauty and truth you bring to light. Thank you for doing this risky, costly work.

    Dayna Olson-Getty
  • The journey that has made you who you are and brought you to this place is such a gift to me.  Thanks for sharing your art with the world.  Love the way you shoot the videos. I literally felt like I was on holy ground when I was watching the piece with Jean Vanier.  I hadn’t heard of him, but know of L’Arche.  When I put it together, I realized why he is so set apart.  Anyway, God is using TWOTP to change my life and perspective!

    Christine Ingebretson
  • I write to you with great joy and gratitude.  I pray that the work that God has began in you will continue until its full completion. I have received the gift of a free subscription to your website.  It has opened my heart to new horizons and seems to have formed my heart in even a greater tenderness. About 7 years ago at the age of 26 I gave up all my material goods and have lived a tremendous journey from life as a hermit in Texas, to living side by side with the homeless in many different cities, most recently in the streets with the Navajo in Gallup, New Mexico. I have found that this website will help me love those who have been passed by - by the rest of society. I will continue to pray for this most beautiful work of yours. Peace+Love+Joy!

    Eric Mahl, Hermit
  • Just wanted to reach out and tell you how much I love this site!  It has been - and still is - such an amazing tool in the development of my spirituality, and also very helpful in realizing that maybe I'm not a heretic at all.  Lol! Thanks again for all your great work,

    Donna, New Zealand
  • You probably get these types of emails all the time but I wanted to say thank you! The way that you ask questions and the folks represented on the work of the people are helping me to grow and change. I started a program in spiritual direction a year ago and soon after stumbled upon your good work. It continues to blow me away. The way you interview, the settings and images you use and the people that you talk with – there is something about it that hits me in a special “in the gut” way. Thank you for this gift which blesses and impacts so many, pushing us on in the great tasks before us. Thank You.

    Leila Quinian, Parish Life Coordinator, Christ Epsicopal Church
  • Thank you for what you have created and are continuing to create. Keep leading. This is important content!

    Trina Pocket,
  • The Work of the People is doing something both exceptional and essential for the life of the gospel in the world. Our fallen minds are always covering over God's marvels, and his alarming demands with what Coleridge called 'the film of familiarity. Travis Reed lifts off that film of familiarity by making films of unfamiliarity, films in which we can hear he gospel fresh, in all its scandal and mystery. He has a way of throwing unexpected questions at his interviewees which releases from them an unexpected grace.

    Malcolm Guite, Priest & Poet
  • The kingdom of God is here, but it’s often so easy to miss. It’s why we need more storytellers, prophets, artists, and practitioners who call us to see, to taste, to hear, to touch God at work in our midst. Travis Reed is absolutely brilliant at drawing out these stories and bringing the kingdom to life in unique and beautiful ways. The films on the Work of the People are a gift to churches, groups, and individuals longing for challenge, inspiration, beauty, and hope. 

    Kathy Escobar, Pastor, The Refuge
  • The Work of the People films are pure gold! Travis Reed has a unique gift for coaxing the best gems out of significant thinkers, theologians, writers, leaders, and turning it into a work of art. Travis Reed is a theological artist doing important and creative work.

    Brian Zahnd, Pastor, Poet & Author
  • Travis Reed has the unique and rare gift of being an old soul who has tech savvy. He's deeply grounded and clear-minded, which is why theologians, authors and scholars trust him to share their ideas in ways that will be congruent to who they are. TWOTP videos do what all good technology ought to do- connect people in a meaningful way, generate life-giving conversation and thought, and provoke the imagination of God's people. I love working with Travis, and I love watching his work with others. I'm so grateful for his contributions and I hope that many churches, small groups and individuals are making use of his impressive cadre of resources. 

    Danielle Shroyer, Author
  • If you already know all the right answers to all the right questions, TWOTP will probably not be very useful. If, however, you are finding that both your questions and your answers seem increasingly inadequate then TWOTP’s thoughtful, challenging, incredibly diverse perspectives might empower you, encourage you or break open your heart.

    Dale S. Ryan, Professor, Fuller Theological Seminary
  • The Work of the People is like no other resource—bringing together a wildly diverse collection of prophetic voices speaking of faith, God, and the meaning of life. The videos are hauntingly beautiful, the depth of wisdom stunning. Yet at the same time there is a playful quality to the whole endeavor so that I find myself laughing gratefully at the sheer creativity of the work. What we have in TWOP is true artistry in the service of God’s work in the world.

    Elaine A. Heath
  • Travis, I just felt compelled this morning to tell you, the work you're doing is continuing to shape my theology, and my being. So beautiful man. Gr8ful for you, your work, your vision. Peace and Love to you.

    Ed Kallery
  • I just want you to know that I believe the work you are doing for the Kingdom and the church is immeasurably beautiful! I can not thank you enough for the hard work, travel, and sacrifices you are making to make The Work of The People a reality filled gift to the Kingdom and to the Trinity. 

    D.G. Hollums, Cultural Architect / Contemplative Photographer
  • I love your stuff, too! I've used it here at work (Appalachia Service Project) so much. This summer, I'm sending out videos for our 150 summer staff to watch and discuss on Sunday mornings before their volunteers arrive. I've also used the Advent and Lent videos and guides for our permanent staff. Keep it coming.

    im Bomgardner, Appalachia Service Project
  • The Visual Liturgy that you have (and continue) to give birth to, stirs the waters deep within. And to that I am grateful to you for being open to the Holy Mystery. You continue to deliver the feast of spiritual food as you do on TWOTP. Which ultimately led to my purchase of an annual subscription for downloads. Keep fanning the flames.

    Bill Priesmeyer, ILLUMAN, Convener
  • TWOTP has been a great blessing to me. I really enjoy the videos and they spark visions of beauty and love! We have had one small group discussion on one and it went great.

    Mucai Kunyiha, Kenya
  • Thanks for all the work you do, it is truly helping a generation connect with ideas, thoughts, and theology through out Christian history from the the best of contemporary leaders of our time.  

    Jack Terrell-Wilkes
  • Personally, your videos have been important for my own imagination and faith.  And for our church, I believe they are that and much more. You are doing amazing work. Thank you!

    Eric Nicolaysen
  • I have really appreciated TWOTP. I host a Welcome concert for farm workers to say thank you and welcome - 2 of the most powerful words that are transforming our community.  it was your ministry that gave me the courage to keep going when the opposition was overwhelming.

    Jane Andres, Workers Welcome of Niagara
  • Keep up your good work. We all need you.

    Norman Wirzba, Author, Farmer & Professor
  • I think your work is critically important, soulful and beautiful. Thank you for what you do. It matters so much. We need your vision and voice.

    Brené Brown
  • Thank you for your art that is worship. Avodah. I’ve long admired your work and have been known to spend hours at TWOTP — and have told folks I think some of the most things brilliant things happening on the internet is happening in your corner of the world, in your creative mind. Please know how profoundly grateful I am personally for TWOTP and consider the community you’ve cultivated as bedrock to my own spiritual formation. I cannot imagine this time without your work. Indebted and grateful, 

    Ann Voskamp, Writer
  • Thanks so much for what you do. Our congregation would not be what it is without your faithful work. We're moved and challenged by your videos weekly.

    Ben Collins, Pastor and Professor
  • I appreciate your vision for TWOTP! With the changing of the way I see god and people your recourses have become a important part of my journey. I'm using the videos in two settings beyond my growth. At the gatherings of our church plant in Bertram, TX and with the education and training of hospice workers in Austin where I'm the spiritual care coordinator.

    Ryan Schmidt, Church Planter
  • I wanted to send a "thank you" email for the incredible work you are doing. No doubt you are using your gifts to impact the church and as a pastor of a small church in the Seattle area your stuff is a great encouragement to me and my staff. We don't have the expertise, time or budget to do such excellent things and I am so grateful! Thought provoking, honest, real, and engaging. We use your videos in worship and I use them for sermon prep and to engage my staff. We are a small church trying to revitalize in the most diverse zip code in Bellevue. A great challenge! They are also a great muse for my sermon prep - hard to keep a preacher going, ya know!  

    Becki Barret, Rev. Overlake Park Presbyterian Church
  • I believe in the work and the ministry you are doing with TWOP.  It has been and I hope will continue to be part of my ministry. I have seen first hand the impact on a directee part of her discernment for becoming an Episcopal priest. I suggested first Sarah Bessey and from there we worked the vocation series. She has two huge sheets of paper in her small room at the host family's home in the Philippines.  One side is what she couldn't not do and the other is what she could not do. Your ministry and art changes lives. 

    Aneya Elbert, Spiritual Director
  • Keep up the amazing work and thanks for responding to my mistake. :) Your work is soul food for me - in a context where I sometimes feel a little theologically isolated, your stuff almost always makes me feel at home.

    Jacqui Buschor
  • Hi Travis,

    I'm been a subscriber for a few years now, and I tell people about The Work of the People all the time. Honestly, I can't say enough wonderful things about your work - for teaching, for personal devotion, and especially for worship!! I wanted to drop you a line about how your vocation is a part of our community.

    This Sunday in worship, I'm reaffirming the baptism of a man in his mid-40s. He has been a faithful member of this congregation for many years, and he is also dying of cancer. Soon. Not even sure if he'll make it to church, so this might end up happening in a hospice room.

    But wherever we find ourselves, I'll be showing the Advent benediction "Rejoice." We've been using these Advent benedictions for a few weeks, and I just watched it to see how it would play with what we're planning for Sunday. And it just felt like the hand of God reaching into this oh-so-particular moment in time. And I suddenly realized how I could preach Advent, baptism, joy, and death.

    How could I describe the singing? Liberated. Healed. Fearless.

    Thanks be to God,

    Karen Ware Jackson Pastor, Faith Presbyterian Church
  • Thought provoking stuff. It's always good to be pushed to think beyond the end of one's own nose!

    Amanda Welsby
  • I think what you are doing is just incredible!!!  You have no idea how much having these videos will lead to such important conversations; challenging thinking.

    Lori Butler, Home Churcher
  • Thanks for all you do in the Kingdom, Brother. I reference, use as resource, and benefit from personally on a regular basis from The Work of the People. I leverage TWOTP vids for youth, young adults, church, mission, school, research, devotion, provoking, and training in a continual basis!

    Kenny Wade, Youth In Mission
  • Travis is a brilliant and gutsy filmmaker. I love what The Work of the People is all about.

    Shauna Niequist, Author
  • I hope that you are encouraged in your work. Love what you are doing. Grateful to have you guys out there to support ministry and also to encourage those of us who are serving in more conservative churches who need the friendship and co-traveler breath of fresh air now and then. You guys provide that. Thanks.

    Don Elser, Worship Pastor
  • I love your work. I have found your videos to be an inspiration and encouragement. 

    Julius Sheppard, a poor seminarian
  • I really love the work you do. I have personally been encouraged in my walk with God and my life of service as I reach out to others in the name of Jesus.

    Laura Flanders, Affiliated Faculty, Denver Seminary

  • “Working with Travis is a holy experience. His vision is truth, his warmth is comfort and his energy is FIRE. I believe Work of the People to be the most important, sacred project on the web today. Travis COME BACK TO MY HOUSE! We love and miss you. Our time with you made us bigger and better and deeper and wider.”

    Glennon Doyle, founder of Momastery and author of NYT Bestseller- Carry On, Warrior
  • Dear Travis, I just wanted to send a quick note so thank-you so much for the beautiful work you do, and especially for the Stanley Hauerwas videos on Living With Death. I'm teaching an adult ed class at my church this fall on planning and preparing for the end of life.  We have a curriculum from one of our denominational agencies that is strong on the planning details, but I wanted to add some more theological reflection on aging and dying - these videos are giving me a great jumping off point for that. So thank-you!

    Dayna Olson-Getty
  • I'm one who has relied upon your work and gifts to breathe life back into my soul, and that of the (very small, very rural, very underfunded) faith-based org I lead.

  • I love what you are doing at The Work of the People. Your ministry is a blessing to me and many others. Thank you for using your gifts to show God’s love. Once again thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

    Troy Mclaughlin, Founder of Project Pastor
  • I've been watching videos here at TWOTP for a few months now and had to stop this morning and tell you how meaningful I have found this corner of the internet. This is where I am fed truth and grace and walk away feeling fuller and more courageous and loved than ten minutes earlier. Thank you. Keep it up! 

    Becky Johnson
  • Just wanted to drop a line to say thanks for the work you do at TWOTP. Our faith community subscribes, and we use a video just about every week. It’s raw enough to work well with our ethos, and deep enough to be richly meaningful. I’ve enjoyed browsing through personally as well.

    Marc de Jeu,
  • An amazing collection of spiritual wisdom and Christian discipleship from people who don't scream from pulpits! Makes you think, re-evaluate, confirm, feel, discern, understand, connect and rejoice.

    Andre Lefebvre
  • I want to say how grateful I am that TWOTP is here for me.  I first encountered it when taking an online course from the CAC called Breathing under Water. What a gift you have given to so many. 

    Tom DeZell
  • Travis Reed is a genius behind the camera. In ways that bypass ordinary logic, he sees with his heart, makes connections between apparently unrelated things, and produces films that nourish the life of faith without putting anything sticky sweet in them. You can trust him to move you and make you think at the same time, but above all you can trust him. I did and do.

    Barbara Brown Taylor
  • The Work of the People has saved my life a time or two. Travis is an artist with the soul of a prophet. He makes deep theological concepts accessible and real. Brilliant, wise, challenging, and Kingdom oriented, there is resurrection in every video.

    Sarah Bessey, author of "Jesus Feminist"
  • We use your work at our Wednesday night service of Holy Communion. Sometimes we use one of the scripture videos as a means of presenting the reading for the night, but more often, I'll use one of the more narrative pieces or a presentation (like Parker Palmer) as a lead in to my sermon. It's a way for me to introduce other voices that substantiate what I have to say. Thanks for your work!

    James Wetzstein, University Pastor, Valparaiso University
  • Love and appreciate all your work! Think you are a genius! I use your films in our seminars and training. Cheers!

    Ash Barker,

  • I want you to know how much I love The Work Of The People. More often than not I use these videos in my office with students I meet with one-one-one as their Mentoring Director. Often the content of one of your videos directly relates to a personal learning plan I am helping the student to create. So we go together to your site and watch the video.

    Laura Flanders, Affiliated Faculty, Denver Seminary
  • Travis, Just wanted to let you know I think you and your work are amazing and have been a huge blessing to my husband and I. Our pastor has also loved the videos of yours that we've shown him. Our church bought the annual subscription and we've used it for youth group and young adults group often. Thanks for what you do and your transparency and for insisting on keeping everything real and genuine and untouched by corporate influences. This is the real, good stuff!

    Dannielle Heraclides, Vancouver, Canada

  • Hi Travis, so much appreciate all that you're doing, your countless hours, and service to this medium that I can attest, is making an impact on the Church as a whole. There is profound stuff of the Spirit going on here. So again, thank you.

    Carlos Fernandez, Village Baptist Church
  • I want you to know that for myself as a minister in the United Church of Canada, you provide the best cross section of material not only regarding ministry, church etc., but more generally just good deep material that speaks to our lives as spiritual beings in this universe of our Creator. So thank you for your passionate work. Peace.

    Barry King, United Church of Canada
  • I've been greatly encouraged by your work and have used some of the videos in the church I'm a part of as well as for my own personal use. Peace.

    Mark Gorman, Ireland
  • I can testify to how what you are doing is really helping both my personal formation and that of a little small group I run here in south west London, UK. Keep up this fantastic and awesomely refreshing work!

    Jonathan Gill, London, UK
  • I am the pastor of a church that exists in and as a coffee shop. Our worship includes a conversation rather than a sermon, and your videos often have great food for thought in them. Your choice of subjects is always excellent! Blessings on you and your work!

    Nichole Collins MacMillan
  • I have used videos from TWOTP in my teaching and folks have found it to be very profound. Your work is changes lives, and it says things in a teach/preach time more effectively than I ever could! Please know how much your work blesses me, and the folks I speak to.

    Carolyn O. Bergen, Winnipeg, Canada
  • WOTP is this watering hole with these learning conversations, I come to share in. I want to thank you for your vision and for creating a place for "the sound of many voices" to be heard.  As a pastor living in the Bahamas, one often feels hard pressed to meet Christians locally who share in such a diverse and eclectic dialogue about following Jesus. So your site has been a great source of encouragement and wisdom. God is using you in great ways!

    Matthew Sweeting, Pastor of New Providence Community Church
  • Just wanted to send you a note of gratitude and encouragement for the work you do. TWOTP is a unique, powerful and amazingly rich resource that has had significant life- and faith-affirming impact in our church community, as I'm sure it has in countless others. Worth every cent of the subscription price and then some! Keep doing your thing brother!

    Michael Martin, Sydney, Australia
  • Thanks for creating THE BEST sight I have ever encountered that presents thoughtful, inspiring, and excellent commentary on a wide range of Christian theology and practice. Your "cast" of theologians and practitioners is unparalleled.  

    Joel Shenk
  • Appreciate all that you do, we in our church community have been blessed by your diligent, creative work.

    Eric Majeski
  • You've been creating such an amazing confluence of goodness, truth and beauty from so many different vantage points... mate, it's awesome. There are so few free expressions of deep truth and thought out there that communicate it so succinctly. I very much enjoy TWOTP.

    Craig Irving
  • Your work is beautiful and inspired. 

    Linda Ellwein, Stockholm, NJ
  • Thank you so very much for TWOTP. I love your creativity and providing the medium that reaches far more than we would otherwise reach. You are so talented. A gift to the church and to all people.

    Reverend Wendy Tobias
  • Just want to say I am so grateful to have found The Work of the People. It is a wonderful work! So rich and helpful. Thank you so much. You have helped me find freedom through a spiritual transition. This library you're creating is beautiful! 2 or 3 mornings a week i'm blessed to sit with a video before or after some time in silence and so often the word i would use to describe this work, is "prophetic". Words that just seem to be exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you! My hat is off to you, sir. Love what you're doing!

    Ed Kallery
  • I LOVE TWOTP! Travis' work was a big part of a life changing spiritual shift for me.

    Alicia Lowry Walker Lewis, Nashville, TN
  • I am so grateful for TWOTP. You do an outstanding job and provide a broad range of superbly useful and challenging content like no one else does. You have a God-led ability to ask just the right questions and to let people speak for themselves. You are also providing an archive of speakers who may not be around to speak much longer. Thank you so very much...Every blessing.

    Mark Pierson, New Zealand
  • Thank you from my heart. I just discovered The Work of the People and am just enjoying the wonderful content. Just a beautiful place! 

    I am on a journey with Jesus and can only believe that He brought me here today... it has been a long and bumpy journey but the sights and sounds are truly amazing, such as this website.


    Paul Sharp
  • Thank you for continually resourcing our community in beautiful ways. We are drinking deeply of our films right now. Thank you!!!

    Taryn Hofert, Charlotte, NC
  • Thanks for what you are doing to renew and rebirth Christian worship.

    Rev & Dr. Chris Neufeld-Erdman, University Presbyterian Church
  • Travis Reed, of The Work of the People, is a filmmaker extraordinaire. Bridging keen artistic sensibilities with a soulful thought provoking style, TWOTP’s films create a liberating space for the mystery of faith to be experienced. It is because of this unique blend of gifts bottled in one person and expressed through film that we use his work with Fr. Richard Rohr in the Living School for Action and Contemplation.

    Richard Rohr's Living School for Action and Contemplation.
  • Thanks for the work you do.  The voices you capture are some of the most important of our time.

    Nicole Kenle, Worship, Music, and Fine Arts, First Presbyterian Church
  • I've been following TWOTP for awhile now, and as a pastor and blogger, they're a great partner in ministry - one that doesn't water down the seriousness of faith and culture and following Jesus together.

    David Warkentin, Pastor and Blogger
  • Thanks for all you're doing man to engage all of us broken and hopeful people in kingdom work.

    Gregg Taylor, Pastor, Mercy Street
  • Thanks for providing videos that are biblically sound, theologically astute, and artistically engaging! I am glad that TWOTP avoids "Jesus Products"! Blessings on your dreams and visions.

    David Whiteley, Jemez Springs, NM
  • I want to say thank you for all you have put into creating this site. The resources here seem endless and very life giving!

    Cheri Hudspith, Evangelical Center for Spiritual Formation
  • O God, have mercy on us in the conservative camp. Your work is pushing people in good directions. Keep at it!

    Mark Klassen
  • I am part of of a missional community/congregation called the order of the black sheep, we have been subscribers to TWOTP for some time now and I just wanted to drop a line to thank you and encourage you. Your work has been incredibly valuable as both part of our worship and study and I can truly say it is the only resource we have found that "fits" us. Thank you for your work.

    Rev'd Mark Broomhead, The Order of the Black Sheep, England
  • The Work Of The People is having a profound effect on our worship life...Supporting and stirring our own creativity.

    Chris Neufeld-Erdman, Sr. Pastor, University Presbyterian Church, Fresno
  • I find your videos to be deeply touching. They speak in ways I cannot articulate. These are truly words of comfort, of reassurance, and hope.Thank you for your transparency and authenticity in presenting this work to the world. I know they will make a difference to many.

    Ben Keller, Hospice Chaplain
  • Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your work. Our Church Disciples Fellowship in Birmingham, AL have used your videos and have been a great resource. Love your taste - Love the sensibilities of topics and people you interview. Keep it up!!!

    Ken Haynes, Birmingham, AL
  • I love your stuff. I stumbled upon it recently and have been devouring it. Very rich and meaningful. I've been recommending it to friends and colleagues. I found your work very inspiring. Keep it up.

    Mark J.H. Klassen, MB Mission
  • I am a christian psychotherapist (from New Zealand living in Holland ) educating christian dutch therapists and have begun using your film clips to illustrate theological points. I am very grateful for your work.

    Michelle van Dusseldorp, Holland
  • I appreciate the ministry you are doing. It has enriched my ministry and the life of my people beyond any other resource I've come across. Thank you for capturing the discussions and profound thoughts of the kinds of people you do.

    Rev. Rich Nelson, Greenvine, TX
  • Your work has revolutionized our visual liturgy here in Fredericksburg Virginia and I'm so thankful to God for your work. Thank you so much.

    Gregg Jennings, Fredericksburg, VA
  • Thank you for the film ministry, I am deeply moved, challenged and edified by them. Thanks and God bless.

    Leon Hebrink, FBC, Meriden, CT
  • I  want to affirm your great work and life-giving videos are a place of living water for this assistant minister in a traditional presbyterian church in a small town in Northern Ireland, great stuff keep up the great work, 

    Reuben McCormick , Northern Ireland
  • I found your site by following on of my favorite spiritual teachers, Fr. Richard Rohr. I have spent much time listening and watching your videos. There is so much truth in one place....just wanted to say thank you for your work. It has touched my life.

    Tommy Townsend
  • We love your work and use something nearly every week. Your art is robust in terms of theology and practice, expressive of historic Christianity, while moving the church into the future in culturally relevant ways. Our people are responding in wonderful ways to this liturgical art.

    Your work is seriously top notch. Your stuff is a great creative partner and inspiration to our local work. Thanks for all you do!

    Chris Neufeld-Erdman, Fresno, CA
  • I am awed by the quality of your content. I like your humor, personableness, and desire to get TWOTP up-and-running. I'm cheering you on, actually. We would not be getting TWOTP if it wasn't for saints/servants like you giving your all. Awesome.

    Marilyn Hormann, Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • I wanted to give you a shout out and say thank you for your work. These videos have help shape and add and keep mystery in my faith. Helping me not hijack things or I don't even fully understand. (if that makes sense). 

    Aaron Hansen, Omaha, Nebraska
  • I find your videos to be incredibly helpful. Thanks for holding on to whatever your dream was at one point, that got you to the point you're at now.  I don't know how many people visit, watch videos, get subscriptions and so forth, but there is nothing quite like the quality, width and breadth of your liturgies. So good.

    Eric Nicolaysen, Pastor, Seattle
  • Simply put, these are some of the most honesty and well produced videos online. I intentionally didn't say "Christian" because there's no need to pigeon hole these into a genre that is often plagued with poor standards. Keep up the good work. Blessings.

    Graham Buck, Maine
  • We use your films nearly every Sunday. They avoid the blather of so many Christian video sites. They are artful, liturgical without being stuff/old, relevant and invite reflection rather than preach too heavily.

    Chris Neufeld-Erdman
  • The films are captivating and free of Christian cliches I have come to loathe. I'm glad I found your site.

    Donna Womer
  • Dear Travis, just a note to say how much I appreciate and value all the good that comes out of the work of the people. The films have been bread for my soul when i'm wondering what the hell I'm doing as a presbyterian minister. Just a wee note to say, for this fat church of Scotland cleric, the work of the people is a beautiful gift to those who are willing to let God be the strange, wonderful, challenging, wild, out of the box, resurrected presence God is. So every blessing to you and the folks for doing something nourishing, encouraging and pretty incredible.

    Paul Grant, Scotland
  • Thank you so very much for all the thought provoking and spiritual mature videos/liturgies.

    Nathan Wheeler, Emmanuel Memphis
  • I have been using clips from TWOTP for about 6 years and just want to say that you are making such a deep contribution to the kingdom of God. Your ministry is changing the way we all see Jesus!!

    Matthew Sweeting, Pastor of New Providence Community Church
  • Dear WOTP Team: Just a short note to say Thank You for creating this platform and speaking "holy disruption." Your visual liturgies have delivered compassion, encouragement, enlightenment, and self/spiritual renewal in my faith walk. With gratitude...

    Yaz Abellard
  • We're so happy that we discovered your website! It's a great resource to bring to our local church body and beyond! Thankful you and praying a continued blessing over your initiatives!

    JJ Hodges, The Wheelwork Project
  • Travis Reed of The Work Of The People, with open hands and an open heart, tenaciously turns his prophetic eye and catalytic visual voice toward what matters. Travis founded TWOTP because any other venue is too small for what he sees. 

    Steve Frost, Artist
  • What a blessing and enriching resource this ministry has been in my life and our ministry through the Wesley Foundation and Oklahoma State University. Thank you.

    Janina Graves, Wesley Foundation and Oklahoma State University.
  • Just wanted to send a message to say that I'm really enjoying what you're doing on TWOTP. It's really the only compelling stuff that I'm seeing these days from the faith perspective. Please keep up the great work. Really, really good.

    Jimmy Bartz, Pastor at Thad's
  • I just wanted to say thanks to TWOTP for all the great work you are doing to bring the Gospel to us in challenging and innovative ways. My church, St. James Episcopal in Marietta, Georgia, used your videos to create a class that proved to be quite popular this year, so much so that we will continue it next year. Your videos have sparked many intense, inspiring and illuminating conversations among our parishioners.

    Steve Windham
  • I just want to let you know what a blessing these videos have been to me. Before I was a seminarian, I was a Youth pastor in San Diego, California and I used to show your videos to the kids in my group. They're so helpful for getting a conversation going and for getting people to think. Thanks for making them! Thanks for what you do!

    Wes Ellis, Princeton Theological Seminary

  • The Work Of The People produce the smartest and snappiest and most gut punching videos for churches around the world. Nobody creates resources for worship with more originality and verve. The Work of the People is smart, subversive, haunting, and deep. Their projects are full of wonder and imagination, inviting viewers into sacred audio-visual spaces. Highly recommended.

    Craig Detweiler, Author, Professor and Filmmaker
  • Travis, your work brings me to tears. I love your vision and your capacity to turn it into something so beautiful.

    Teresa J. McBean, Executive Director, National Association of Christian Recovery
  • I just wanted to let you know how many times I've passed around the links to (to your videos) not only to the church leaders here...but one of our members is the mayor of a neighboring town and he has passed the videos on to the leadership of the city of Winston-Salem. So, lots of seeds being planted. Just know that your work is having a significant impact around here! 

    Chuck Sprong, Winston-Salem, NC
  • TWOTP actually offers material with a prophetic/critical edge. So many church media websites create just "Gospel fluff."  You give voice to genuine scholars and activists within the church and make them available to Christians who would otherwise have little to no exposure to them. I can tell you really care about transforming the witness of the church. 

    Wes Arblaster, Lake Avenue Christian Church
  • Travis Reed is the only one of his kind. He wades into the hard issues, shows why they are important, and provides ways to think faithfully about them. In doing so, he lightens our load and transmits energy for the tasks that are now so urgent among us.

    I am glad to hear your work goes on. I am glad you are at it;  we surely need folk like you, given the over-supply of cunning business people.

    I am glad to be seen in public with you.

    Walter Brueggemann, Author, poet & Old Testament dude.
  • I just want to say that you are doing really awesome work. I love Work of the People and am inspired by your ministry. Thanks for all you do!

    Valerie Robideaux, Director of Professional Discernment, Centenary College
  • Travis' work at TWOTP is a real deal treasure for faithful and doubters alike. He gives us ears and eyes to see and hear the most creative, inspired, and prophetic voices of the church today. Through his well edited films he is able to make a straight up academic nerd palatable for your Grand Ma & with images, tunes, and cinematic sparkle he can bring the week's liturgical texts alive. There is only one good reason any church leader hasn't got a subscription to TWOTP... they haven't tasted it yet!

    Tripp Fuller, Homebrewed Christianity
  • One of the amazing things about the "The Work of the People" is the quality and unique perspective they bring to a subject. Travis and his team continually create quality pieces that communicate truth and compliment worship. You will have to look hard to find anything better than "The Work of the People". However, if you wanted to look around I'd start with the work of the Skit Guys! (

    Tommy Woodard , The Skit Guys
  • I like to think about interesting things. I like it best when I am doing so with people whom I like even if we don't always agree. In The Work of the People, brought to us by Travis Reed, we find just such a platform for thinking and dialog. Watch and read. Engage. Come to your own conclusions.

    Todd Hunter, Anglican Bishop & Author: Christianity Beyond Belief, Giving Church Another Chance, and Our favorite Sins
  • We have found the video clips of the work of the people to be challenging, encouraging, inspiring and refreshing.  Last week we were moved the Derek Webb's musical piece "New Law", and led to laugh and see our neighbor and ourselves a bit clearer in "Love your neighbor" skit."

    Tim Mull, Pastor with East Whittier UMC in Souther California
  • You guys have a unique way of making life's everyday activities overly exciting and captivating. It's inspiring for me to see our church captivated by the highly professional content you produce. Keep it up. Thank

    Terry Lane
  • We've used several videos from TWOP at The Journey.  Recently we showed Eight Dollar Hotdog because it communicated the point so much better than I could.  I was a powerful moment. I really appreciate the style of videos that you offer.  I'm not sure how to describe them--excellent, reflective, meditative, subtle but not subtle.  Other sites offer videos but they generally don't speak as authentically as yours. I haven't used McLaren's Everything Must Change videos yet publicly, but they've spoken deeply to me.  I love that guy. I know one video (the one with Chris Seay talking about water and wine)  inspired a pastor friend of mine, who is a waning Southern Baptist, to make  a similar video of his own.  Other pastors heard about it and we're pleased at all! Keep up the good work.

    Steve Lowe, The Journey
  • Despite the plethora of visual media available to churches these days, it's honestly hard to find beautiful, artistic and interesting imagery that tells a story. TWOTP is an oasis in a visual desert. Not only does Travis' art satisfy my need for good media, but it truly stretches me and challenges me to rethink why I am looking for visuals in the first place. It speaks of the worshiping Church that ought to be. The Work of the People? More like the Work of the Prophets. 

    Stephen Proctor,
  • I'm not sure what I think of "new media" in churches but if there's any good in it I think The Work of the People have found it. For churches who are going to use new forms of media, you can't do better than these guys

    Stanley Hauerwas, Author and theologian.
  • Your videos are really powerful. Keep up the inspiring media!

    Sharolyn Newington, Human
  • The Work of the People is sassy, fresh, creative... and grounded.  I'm delighted to be conspiring with them, and hope you will too.

    Shane Claiborne, Author, activist & Jesus peace dude.
  • I'm really enjoying your content. Keep it up. We're quite isolated here in South Africa when it comes to people willing to think forward about Church, so this kind of readily available content is a real oasis:)

    Sean Tucker, Author
  • The Work of the People has been a real gift to our messy and messed up worshiping community. TWOTP videos that communicate both the reality of our brokenness and the hope and promise of redemption resonate at the very core of our communal DNA.

    Sean Gladding, Author
  • I love your work through TWOTP/Alter, please keep shining light in the dark spaces of humanity and our world. Calling out a new way to awaken ourselves to God and the way we were created to be. Your work is connecting to a deep longing. I promote it to my Menno Annabaptist friends, as well as people outside a faith community.

    Scott Hackman,
  • TWOTP is an amazing resource with filled with so much creativity and diverse expressions of love for Jesus and longings to see more of his kingdom come. 

    Samuel Sander, Stockholm, Sweden
  • I've been using TWOTP clips all over the USA for two or three years now. TWOTP has a unique and recognizable style when it comes to video resources. As one of the first to make these materials available, they have built up a huge and varied library, which I have used extensively. I appreciate the diversity of topics, and also that the background loops are available on their own. Know they are reaching lots of kids!

    Sal Solo, ACTS Evangelism & Worship
  • The Work of the People is "not an underground communist community partnering with Al Kida, but a group of folks called to live out and in God's redeeming mission to make all things new." We use TWOTP videos consistently within our worship gatherings at Tapestry ( Sometimes it's to help convey the point of the assembly, while other times we use their videos and slides to set the mood of worship. Anyway you use it their work is top shelf stuff.

    Robert Terrell,
  • I was a fan of the art & images of Travis Reed long before I was a friend. There are few who have contributed more to the marriage of faith & visual arts like He has. TWOTP leads the way in providing & challenging local church communities in their approach to visual arts and i'm grateful for Travis and his staff.

    Robbie Seay, The Robbie Seay Band
  • I do not yet fully understand all that your website provides but I think it will help me with my quest to understand and practice the teachings of Jesus in a way that I know is true.

    Rick Truhn
  • I love you guys! You put out some thoughtful, creative, beneficial work that adds another voice in the Church! 

    Rich Noble, Pastor Washington Union Alliance Church. New Castle, PA
  • Dear Travis et al, As a busy priest ministering between seven rural parishes in the east of England I sometimes run out of creative steam. Thank God for TWOTP! When the well's run dry and the boiler needs a good stoke the content of your site has encouraged, refreshed and spurred me on. The teachers and thinkers, theologians and practitioners have reminded me why I do what I do and blessed my own devotion to the Lord as well as the congregations that I serve.Thank you, please never give up searching, asking and praying. Your co-worker in Christ.

    Rev. Tim Yau, England
  • Hey TWOTP, I love your material it is just fabulous. TWOTP is a lifeline spiritually for me. It is such a blessing to me! Keep up the unique work and prophetic voice..

    Reuben McCormick
  • May I just say also that your emphasis on justice and poverty issues make your videos even more relevant to us here in the Philippines. Thank you again for helping us in our ministry to young adults here in the Philippines. Thanks for your partnership! Maraming salamat! (Thank you very much.)

    Rainier Pagcaliwagan, Union Church of Manila
  • Travis Reed, of The Work of the People, is a rare breed. With nothing but a hand-held camera and authenticity, Travis has a gifted manner of capturing the essence of a person. Thanks to him, we have the possibility of connecting in a raw way with some of the most unique followers of Christ in the world today. Their messages are important because their lives have been tested and Travis uncovers the treasures within them. Support TWOTP and you and your communities will be blessed and challenged.

    Phileena Heuertz, author and founder of the Gravity center.
  • TWOTP draws together some of the most incendiary theologians to talk about their most explosive ideas. This is an important resource for those who wish to light living fires in their own hearts and in the hearts of their communities.

    Peter Rollins, Philosopher, theologian, and storyteller.
  • Thank you Travis Reed and The Work Of The People. I am forever grateful that there is one organization that has had the prophetic foresight to both find and share the burgeoning work of the Spirit sprouting up through people’s lives over this last decade. What a loss it would have been if no one had been discerning enough to catch those seeds of renewal and share them in such profound and enriching ways. I have used your media tools and interviews in every conceivable way and have shared the stories and visual liturgies hundred upon hundreds of times. It is your genius and gift to have woven together a sweeping patchwork of hope and inspiration for the church and the world. Though we rarely see you on film, you have been one of the greatest storytellers of all!

    Paul Sparks, Co-Founder Parish Collective
  • I wanted to tell you that I look at a lot of videos that are put out by other companies, and I have to say that the stuff you guys are producing at TWOTP is just heads above what they are putting out there. I don't mean that to sound judgmental in any way, it's just that you have really honed your craft in a way that few other "Christian" film makers have. Keep it up.

    Paul Ireland, Pastor of Worship and Arts, River Rock Church
  • Cheers my good man. I draw from your site just about every week for our worship. We used mystery on Sunday and it was beautiful. More power to your elbow (I don't know if that phrase translates across the pond - but its an encouraging one - honest)

    Paul Grant, Minister, St. Ninian's Parish Church
  • I want you to know that I think you do some of the most amazing worship videos.

    Pastor Ann Spurgeon, Channahon UMC, Channahon, IL
  • The Work of the People and Travis Reed are flat-out wild and crazy guys. Their videos defy description, which is why they are so engaging. If you're looking for "new media" to bring new life to the church-in the sanctuary, the classroom, or small groups-you've come to the right place. I don't know if I'd agree with Travis and his friends on all the fine points of Christian theology, and in our work together, the question has never come up. That's one of the reasons I love these folks: they have no litmus test as to who's "in" and who's "out"! They get it that we're all in this together, drawing on the same aquifer of the Spirit, no matter how we name it or frame it. If the churches want to serve well in a twenty-first century world, they need to get it, too. Trust me: these wild and crazy people can help make that happen! 

    Parker J. Palmer, Writer, speaker, and activist.
  • Just wanted you to know that what you're doing is great!! The films are wonderfully shot, spiritually insightful & emotionally impactful. I don't know if that's a word but I used it anyway. Thanks for what you're doing, it's having an impact in Mid-Michigan. Keep up the good work!

    Nathan Workman
  • When I'm in need I go to TWOTP and I always finds something to lift me up, to get me through.

    Naomi Lippett,
  • Work of the People videos are extraordinary—compelling and artistically successful explorations of some of the deepest questions about God, faith, and common human destiny.

    Miroslav Volf, Founder, Yale Center for Faith and Culture.
  • Just watched "We Need Each Other" and I am hit with the love of God all over again. You guys are doing an amazing job. This website has such vast resources for communicators. The camera angles, fonts, music... so good. Thanks for all you are doing to bless the local church. The medium of short film is so powerful and important for the people I lead. Thank you for the great work you are doing.

    Mike O'Brien, Director of Worship & Services
  • We at Big Picture Training ( have found the Work of the People to be an absolutely excellent resource for our youth ministry training organization. Not only are Travis and his crew wonderful, lovers of Jesus, they are also incredibly talented folks who can communicate visually in extremely creative ways. I highly recommend The Work of The People. The cost to join their site is nominal compared to the depth and breadth of what they offer."

    Mike Kipp, Youth Ministry Consultant to USA/Canada Nazarene Youth Int'n
  • The Work of the People has crafted and nurtured an environment that is producing aesthetically invigorating media springing forth organically from the creative imagination of a community of poets, artists, filmmakers and storytellers.  Making good art is so important.  Telling compelling stories through beautiful mediums is essential in our culture if we really want to communicate in transformational ways.  The Work of the People Founder, Travis Reed, is one of the most interesting people walking the planet.  Travis intuitively runs from mediocrity into the vast mystery of beauty in his pursuit of God and we get to participate and benefit from his adventures.

    Mike King, President/CEO, Youthfront
  • I and my students LOVED the films. God bless you for the work you are doing. God is on the move and, as usual, it's going to make some of the "establishment" uncomfortable. ;-)

    Mike Grimshaw, Youth & Young Adult Pastor, Marysville Church Of The Nazarene
  • There's a lot of video producers out there right now, but in your work I feel this pervasive sense of worship that I know is your foundation, combined with the tension of the world we know right now-- keep worshiping God in such an amazing way! Just as a side note, another reason your site was such a seller for me is the affordability.  In a young ministry like ours with a limited budget, to have a great one-stop resource for such amazing worship resources is truly a God-send.

    Mike Beachy, Minister of Emerging Worship, Harrison Church
  • Your videos showed me the beauty and truth that I have been able to find in Christ. Just for that I thank you, for opening that door for me, or at least for helping me hear the knocking. Thank you for all that you've done. Peace and blessings!

    Michael Sabani, Filmmaker
  • Take one look at The Work of the People and I guarantee you’ll be hooked. It is equal parts challenging, stimulating and insightful as well as being playful, irreverent and out-and-out great fun. Similar sites are either too holier-than-thou for me, or just plain too goofy and juvenile. Travis has developed this fantastic blend of material that combines the thoughts and musings of a wide range of thinkers and practitioners, while at the same time not taking itself too seriously. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

    Michael Frost, Internationally recognized Australian missiologist.
  • We used the piece, "Table Benediction" following Eucharist and were bathed in the welcoming grace of our Lord. We saw through the image of people breaking bread together, toasting their glasses together the good news that we had just enacted in celebrating the Table of the Lord. Not only were we reminded of our inclusion, but were fueled to invite others to join us! This added beauty, and another deep layer to exploring the mystery of joining into common union with God. 

    Michael, Fort Worth, TX Church of the Nazarene
  • I love that you try to line up with some of the lectionary readings. And I think you guys have some of the best, most innovative content out there... missional, social justice, kingdom topics, new ways of reading Scripture, etc.!

    Matt Reece, Pastor, Blvd Abbey, San Diego, CA
  • Thanks for blessing churches with quality media!

    Matt Hanegraaff, Worship Director, Faith Reformed Church
  • Thanks for this great resource. You and Proost are creating the best stuff out there for worship. No one else comes close.

    Mark Roeda, Pastor, South Bend Christian Reformed
  • We live in a visual age, where images often communicate so much more profoundly than words. The Work of the People is at the top of the stach of media producers for ministry settings, consistently creating powerful, humerous, moving, and provocative short films. I highly recommend their work.

    Mark Oestreicher, President, Youth Specialties
  • My thanks to TWOTP for their creative partnership in our ministry here at St Paul's Katikati, New Zealand.

    Malcolm Gordon, New Zealand
  • I really, really appreciate your work!  My current church is slowly transitioning to more media use, and your work has been central to being it well received.

    Lisa Payton, Meridian, ID
  • What I like best about The Work of the People videos is that they are thought provoking. They make me think. They encourage me to go beyond and see things in a new light, a new way. The beauty of The Work of the People videos is thier indirectness, and tere are never any syrupy "here's what you should think" messages. These videos give space for questions, for considerations, for truth, for transformation.

    Lilly Lewin, Curator, Thinplace : a pilgrimage of discovery and creativity
  • I've just starting watching the past few months, but love it when a new video pops up in my reader. Many thanks for your work. I'm loving the exposure to different voices than I usually hear.

    Laura Larsen, Director of High School Girls Discipleship, Highland Park Presbyterian Church
  • We have been blessed by videos produced by The Work of the People. The first video we used was six years ago at our wedding. We now use it as part of our worship dance ministry. We feel like you really draw out the story and present stories that touch the heart. Thanks for the work you do and for providing it to us in an economical way.

    Kristie Martin, Crawford, CO
  • TWOTP produces great, relevant, powerful tools for the church.

    Kirk Schneemann, Ann Arbor, MI
  • Interpreting and describing the life of faith is sometimes like trying to catch a greasy pig. The Work Of The People help you catch the pig. You may only grab it for a few fleeting seconds, but together you go away muddy, smelly, refreshed, and for some reason, desiring a bacon sandwich. With their films, TWOTP have helped us craft an environment of mystery where minds are hearts are free to wrestle with the beauties of the faith. Their pieces are artful and direct, without being preachy and overbearing. I love them like I love bacon sandwiches.

    Kevin Marks, Creative Arts Director, The Highway Community
  • Thank you for the resources. They are much used and appreciated in our Christ community! Thanks for your Christ-Kingdom creativity!

    Kenny Wade, Youth Pastor, Boise First Community Cent
  • For some, the wallpaper is more important than the wall that it adheres to. Stripping it off is TWOP on behalf of the kingdom.

    Karen Parchman, Professor, Fuller Seminary
  • I have been aware of The Work Of the People for a few months. In the time from first awareness, to occasional buyer and often window shopper, I have been impressed at the growth of their video library. I am not a lectionary preacher. The search engine on TWOP works easily and efficiently, presenting a number of possibilities for finding topical illustrations. Downloads are quick and easy, and the economy of annual subscriptions or "bulk" buys significantly increases our ability to use media regularly in our worship and teaching. Travis' customer service is excellent. He responds quickly and aims to please, all the while providing a quality product. I am looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Travis and TWOP.  

    Karen Muntzing, Warehouse839, Hilliard UMC, Hilliard, OH
  • The visuals are wonderful. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Karen Crawford
  • I have been a fan for years of TWOTP -- Ya'll were with me through my first ever occupational ministry position as a Youth Pastor and I still recommend your site to anyone interested in provoking, creative, powerful video content. 

    Justin Heap, Youth Pastor
  • I have been around church video for a long time and every time I see moving backgrounds (animations, video, etc) behind lyrics I sigh because they are typically highly distracting and only there because someone thought it would be cool. But about 15 seconds into the first one, I realized this video was something different and I could not help but pay attention to it. And then I noticed that somehow I was both fully engaged with both the song being sung as well as the video playing underneath. They are a meaningful, beautiful, and useful display of The Gospel through video.

    I just wanted to let you know that your video work was just as engaging and brought me just as close to Jesus as any song or sermon ever has.

    Josh Spires, Houston First Baptist
  • I used a lot of the visual liturgy pieces during communion and I can't count how many times I used the illustrations to start or accentuate a point during a sermon. Keep doing what is good; those visual liturgy pieces are worth their weight in gold for communion and other reflective elements of the service. Thanks for what you guys are doing.

    Josh Schoon, Zion Lutheran Church, Akron, OH
  • We use your stuff at least every other week, and often more than one video a week. Last week for Easter, we chose not to have a "sermon." Instead, we interspersed videos and singing and a "flowering cross" and communion and other elements. We used "Painted" as our opener, "Mystery" before communion, "Time lapse Flowers Loop" during communion and the flowering cross, and a few videos from other sources. So, I really appreciate your work. Thanks for all you do! You are enriching our worship services and helping our people connect with God!

    Josh Broward, Lead Pastor, KNU International English Church
  • Dear the work of the people, The fact that you exist has been a great benefit to me. In my small Saskatchewan community it is easy to despair at the state of evangelical Christianity and to ask whether it is even something I believe in. Your videos give me hope and encouragment that the life Jesus has called me to is truly abundant. N.T. Wright's words about the entire swath of Scripture have inspired me to give the Bible a fair chance and the fruit of my mornings reading through entire books of the BIble has been much richer than years of ten verse at a time readings already. I feel like I am part of a larger story with real significance. God is alive. Keep up the good work.

    Jordan Varley, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • I'm a word guy. Because the Word became flesh, I have hope that the enfleshed good news of God's movement can come alive in words. But I know from paying attention to words that an image can often say more in a moment than I'm able to say in a book. Which is why I'm grateful for image people. The church has no better image people than the folks at Work of the People. Watch and see...

    Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, New Monastic & Author
  • I love TWOTP! I have a couple of friends who are into film (making short films, directing, etc.) and I showed one of them your website the other day. He was very impressed with the quality of the film and the message behind the media. He immediately emailed another friend of his the link and continued to browse your website for some time.

    Sometimes when I need to be encouraged myself I will log onto TWOTP and find a couple of films that are particularly moving for me and I always walk away refreshed. Keep up the good work and I'll keep playing the films to my friends, family, and people of my church. Many Thanks.

    John Jordan, Ecclesia Clear Lake
  • If the measure of how much value you place on something is how often you talk about it then it says I value (TWOTP's) work very highly. I have used Oliver's What is Poverty and Frost's Becoming the Poor in various retreat settings. I particularly value how affordable all this quality work is and that it can be so easily remixed.

    John Freund, The International Vincentian Family
  • I want to encourage you that it's so worth it to put out resources that are actually worth something (that is, they risk something). How many other Christian resources could be catalogued under the heading "didn't need to be written, aren't saying anything much of all, shiny cover"? and yet it's the lame stuff that feels comfortable to people at a certain place in the pilgrimage.

    Joel Mason, DJ and Snakehandler
  • Every week we look for multiple voices to express the message and vibe. The media from the work of the people is one of our more consistent voices. We don't think of it as "just media" or "we need a video" to plug and play. But we view it as a point-of-view voice that helps develop a robust look of the same theme. Thanks for all you're doing!

    Joe Meyers, Author of The Search to Belong/
  • I'm always looking for creative pieces that utilize the profound significance of scripture. Your visual liturgies consistently do that better than anything else I've seen.

    Joe Hays, Program Director, Mariners Church
  • One of the best things that has happened in my spiritual life lately has been finding The Work of the People's website. The wide variety of visual materials is amazing. There are some I love, some I  like, and some I'm not sure about. But that's the beauty of the site...I have choices. And some of those choices are visually and spiritually stunning. I've used some of the short interviews in classes and hope to use several of the more "story-oriented" videos in worship services in the coming months. This is one site I keep returning to as often as I can. Thank you so much for being there at a time when I needed new inspiration and new ideas. Keep up the good work. It makes my heart sing and my soul soar.

    Jerry Hebenstreit, Reston, VA
  • Thanks for all you do, I love the voice that TWOTP brings to the table. It seems like every time I think I would love to hear what he/she has to say on that issue, that you think the same way and make a video of it. It just is obvious that you care deeply about the topics and issues you pursue. We are trying to do more locally in the artistic video realm as well, but we are a young church plant, so it is slow go. Thanks for all you do to help us live into and co-create with God and His Kingdom!!!

    It is is so refreshing to have access to a video site that is intent on providing materials that actually speak to the heart of living a Christ filled life! It feels like a lot of videos get lost in the glitz and sparkle of production and the message gets lost. TWOTP does a brilliant job of allowing the words and desires of people in the midst of Gods work to share the message He has put inside them in order to strengthen us all. The way of Jesus is one of words and life lived in harmony, and TWOTP is a huge help as we live this out to remember the tune!

    Jeremy Snoberger, Pastor
  • We used the 'Slow to Anger' video in a series called Hostage.  The particular night we used it we were talking about being held Hostage to Anger.  What a great juxtaposition of our common actions with the cry of the cross.  The music and old school film aspect of it just made a great video that connected with our college/young adults.  Thanks for making some kick ass stuff (you can change that word if you need to).  Seriously though, that was a very good video to set the mood and lead into the message.  Thanks!

    Jeremy LaDuke,
  • I love the thoughtfulness of your work.  I love the idea that the very name means liturgy. It's a web site I could recommend to my Episcopalian or Lutheran friends, knowing that they won't walk away thinking the videos are too silly or too fluffy.

    Jeff Dunn-Rankin, Senior Consultant, Youth Ministry Architects
  • Congratulations Travis on all The Work of the People! It is so important that the message of truth, the message of the Gospel, the message of Love be transmitted. You are doing wonderful work. I do hope that many will be able to watch your films and receive the message of God's love through them.

    Jean Vanier, Prophet and L'Arche Community founder.
  • Just wanted to say how much this site has changed the life of our church. Up to now we have had to sort through schlocky scripted mumbo jumbo looking for honest expressions that spend more on content than flash. Thank you.

    Jay Gamelin, Pastor, Jacob's Porch, Columbus Ohio
  • Hitchcock said, “In feature films the director is God; in documentary films God is the director.” Our brother Travis Reed, with poetic grace, invites us all through WOTP to let God direct some more so that our lives may become documentaries; of grace, healing justice, transformative nonviolence and joy in witness to the world to come.

    Jarrod McKenna, acAtivist trainer, Australian peace award recipient and preacher-man
  • I am part of a community church in Balham, South London, England. We use the clips primarily in our creative prayer meetings that run each month and occasionally for a Sunday service, depending on the occasion. Being in the UK, the ability to download the files direct is a great about the site and I find it easy to navigate and find stuff. 

    James Manning, Balham Community Church, England
  • Travis Reed and The Work of the People are incredible. Their films are simple yet content rich, artful but unpretentious, excellent but never slick, imaginative but coherent, moving but never sentimental. Travis Reed is unequaled when it comes to advancing the kingdom through his 'visual epistles'. I can't speak highly enough about them or the mission that inspire them.

    Ian Morgan Cron, Author of Jesus, My Father, the CIA and Me: A Memoir...Of Sorts.
  • TWOTP Rocks! I find their videos challenging, moving, disturbing, comforting and inspired – all at once!  It all goes back to the love of Jesus in all that we do as believers and this is clearly evident in the videos that TWOTP create. I've shared them with others, blogged on them, been moved and challenged by them. The production value, the visuals, the content - all top notch! Thanks for what you do! 

    Howie Snyder, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Aurora, IL
  • As a 21 year old college student and English/Journalism major obsessed with good narrative forms, I wanted to let you know that Alter Video Magazine is a breath of fresh air and extremely well done. 

    Haley Littleton, College Student, English/Journalism Major
  • Thanks for your contribution to the multimedia needs of today's churches. Not only do I appreciate the sound and deep and open theology and thought that is in your videos, but it is a refreshing break from the too white, suburban, happy feel of most church video available. We are an urban, progressive, fairly diverse congregation and need that reflected in what we put up on the screen.

    Greg Meyer, Lead Pastor Jacob’s Well, Minneapolis
  • We appreciate your thought-provoking approach and the good scholars.

    Glenn Mulcahy, Rev, Brisbane, Australia
  • I am a city Missionary seeking to reach a community with the Gospel in Birmingham, UK. The makeup of the area is West Indian, African and Anglo Irish. It is a relatively poor community with the youth being in danger of being sucked into a gang culture. They are highly visual. They are not illiterate, but struggle with reading. I use TWOTP films to present God's word in an artistic format the youth will respect.

    Giles Coghlan, City Missionary, Birmingham, UK.
  • The Work of the People is hands-down the best place to learn about the messy, gracious, just, and loving ways of Jesus. This remarkable collection of videos has long provided us with the inspiration, exhortation, correction, and beauty we need to remain faithful in our missionary service. More than a few times we have been brought to tears of lament and laughter by these resources and we encourage you to dive in and discover the ways TWOP can equip you (and your community) for service.

    Geoff and Sherry Maddock
  • We live in a visual age. As Jesus told stories with layers of meaning and understanding – now we can do the same with clips and visuals. I rarely speak these days without the inclusion of a visual clip and most seem to come from the Work of The People. The Work of the People is the best website repository of Mission / Kingdom thinking people. It has visual resources for worship, studies, thinking and evoking imaginations of what could be, and what can be. It follows the lectionary (the 3 year cycle of reading and preaching the bible) and is so well indexed and easy to find topics and scriptures. I buy and annual subscription every year as one of my resource priorities. I highly, highly commend The Work Of The People clips.

    Travis Reed is one of the most imaginative and talented people in creating visuals that I know around the world. He is zany and interesting and it comes through his productions. He has a keen mind and eye and ear for producing stimulating visual production that can help the Kingdom come on earth as in heaven. 

    Fuzz Kitto, Sydney, Australia
  • Even though the Scriptures are extremely creative--and truly inspired--writings, they have not usually been interpreted in equally creative ways or by equally inspired people.  So they have not guided much of human history, except by making many people walk in the opposite direction. "The Work of the People" represents a new era of honest and wonder-filled Christianity, that is indeed of the people and not from the usual company men.

    Watch, listen, and be guided toward wisdom!

    Richard Rohr, Franciscan & internationally known speaker.
  • Thank you for who you are and what you do. I'm encouraging our Sr. and Jr. High Sunday teachers and youth leaders to use your videos as discussion starters, etc. They are powerful; often I'm moved to  tears, when I preview them.

    Fr. David Green, Rector, Christ Church Parish Kent Island, Maryland
  • Your work (and the people you use) seem to come from such a real and honest place.  And it's that "living in the moment" quality that gives your work an edge and excellence that I love. Thanks for the inspiration and allowing God to inspire you.  As I'm sure you know, you can never know how God will use it.  He's using it on me today.  God Bless You & The Work of the People

    Eric Ferguson, Worship Leader
  • The Work of the People is a wonderful online collection of video resources in which many of our most helpful theological voices speak to the church - There is such a wide variety of faithful witnesses whose testimony is shared. At a time when many churches are bringing video resources into worship I find that much of the content that comes with the big screen is pablum. The Work of the People is a wonderful corrective to such pablum. This is spiritual milk and manna in the wilderness for the church. 

    Ed Searcy, University Hill Congregation
  • Being in a new congregation doing media worship, I am always looking for good resources that are relevant and thought provoking.  I have found many resources on TWOTP site to help me in creating worship moods and experiences.  It is amazing how God can take the various images, songs, and scripture and do wonders.  It is a regular site that I look at for relevant worship resources.

    Dr. M. Jack O'Dell, The Well, UMC
  • In our Church, we take it in turns to lead the congregation in Communion, and I have, on occasion used a short loop as background, or as lead up to my Communion leading. They are always very effective and powerful and set the whole tone of the morning. Keep up the great work at "The Work of the People".

    Doug McVicar, Brisbane, Australia
  • Hi, I'm Dawn and I make the Sunday slideshow in our church here in the Philippines. Our slideshow consists of choral anthems, worship lyrics, Bible verses, and the sermon outline. I usually use Work of the People movies for more informal events such as our Friday night Bible study. I also lead the worship in our church so, sometimes, in the middle of our singing, I stick in a film that's relevant to our topic that evening or to the messages of the songs. Work of the People movies are always insightful and original. 

    Dawn Stephanie, Manila, Philippines
  • Been an off and on subscriber for the past few years, Keep on pursuing the way of Jesus. Your productions push all of us to reconsider which kingdoms we are aligning ourselves with. To be honest I am always amazed when people are willing to pay to have that kind of stretching done to them. :)

    David Wierzbicki, Associate Pastor at Entwistle Community Church
  • I wanted to say how deeply moving I find your visual liturgies. I am especially moved by the "He Is Coming" video. Amazing. Thanks for your continued ministry. Your videos are a vessel that helps to nourish my spirit and the visual liturgy is a blessing to my church!

    David Sigmund
  • Thanks for the amazing gift you give. Work of the People is a treasure for those of us who have long yearned for resources that work well at the edge. I find my ministry drawn to the edges but most church resources are so sadly focused on the comfortable center. Your commitment to justice and compassion is awesome. I started a new plant in a non-profit children's discovery museum. We use their public space to gather on Sunday morning to celebrate our mission to bring good news to the poor. That's all we do, but it is more than enough. Your gifts, as given through the Work of the People resources, have been challenging, provocative, and powerful. Thanks for opening hearts and minds of so many who live outside the walls of the institutional church. Thanks! Love and Peace--together in beautiful harmony!

    David Rapp, Pastor, Water's Edge Community Church
  • We’ve been using your videos, loops and visual liturgy for over 2 years and have come to see TWOTP as an excellent resource to push us, to direct us and to prod us during our corporate gatherings. We incorporate the visual liturgy during times of giving gifts to help reinforce the ideas and the themes that we read and discuss. It’s so good to see the scripture, in addition to reading it and moving on. Thanks for working so hard to give us all another way to worship.

    David R. Robinson, Pastor, Harvest Fellowship, Manhattan, KS
  • So, i did this multi-sensory worship experience for Jr. high and High school students that covered death to life over the course of 45 minutes and used several of your films to visually and audibly enhance this unique time. The students did an amazing job of connecting the metaphorical dots, thus creating a memorable experience.

    Dave Chavez, Student Pastor, Cy-fair Christian Church
  • The Work of the People has been a great resource for our church’s media. Over the past couple years, I have used their videos for sermon illustrations, outreach service transitions, holiday highlights, and worship intros. Their quality is high, variety is excellent, and pricing is affordable.

    Dani K Johnson, Creative Director, Re:form Productions, deeperLIFE church
  • The Work Of The People is leading the 21st century Church forward by visualizing theology, by enrobing the lectionary in stunning shapes and forms, and by supplying us with the kind of media we need to hold an effective, image-rich conversation among our faith communities and with our world. Every worship leader should be passionately accessing this gold mine, and every pastor should rethink the allocation of their resources to create space for this visual enhancement being a part of their their New Creation communication week after week.

    Cheers to Travis and The Work Of The People for lifting us all with breadth and depth. We just may have a chance out there with friends like these.

    Dan Wilt, Founder,
  • The Work of The People is producing videos which move my heart and mind even further in learning and pondering and thinking about the story of God. I am incredibly glad that they are doing this and the church at large will greatly benefit from their ministry. But I also can say, from knowing them it is not videos they are making, but it truly is a worshipful act and passion that they are making these videos from.

    Dan Kimball, Author and Pastor
  • We use TWOTP's videos here in Curitiba, Brazil! Their visual liturgy is simply a perfect mix of the best source (Jesus) with great Art! Where else would I find a duel of playfulness and tradition, clip-type videos and deep insights, art made by Christians and free of corniness? For us at Igreja do Caminho ( Brazil), what TWOTP does is bring the stained glass art into movement. I guess much of the visual art that used to be done almost exclusively by Christians several centuries ago (take Rembrandt, for instance) was shoved out of the church due to its apparent uselessness and "inferior spirituality". What was left was all this evangelical paraphernalia found in Christian bookstores: practical but lifeless. TWOTP brings something fresh and very creative.

    Dago Schelin, Brazil
  • I think what you TWOTP are creating in film is some of the most import work of the incarnational church. When I showed the piece with Chris at Sacred Space in our service a few weeks ago I felt it was like people were getting it for the first time. There are a lot of film makers in the world, but very few who can translate the new theology of expression.. I don't know if we are rediscovering, or discovering for the first time, but what I do know is that it will take people like TWOTP making films like this for the church and the culture to get it. These films are the clues to our culture of the Kingdom and the work we have been called to do

    Clint Kemp, Bahamas Human Rights Network
  • TWOTP is an invaluable resource to me in the weekly duties of planning worship. I love using the visual liturgy films as an alternative way of doing Scripture readings. The loops are also great behind song lyrics - providing a more reflective touch than some worship loop creators. Keep up the good work

    Clayton Faulkner, Pastor, Theophilus Church
  • It’s entirely possible that The Work of the People has assembled the 2nd best canon of Christian thought ever compiled. Dissonance. Harmony. Contradictions. Unity. Somehow Travis Reed never fails to capture the most authentic and vulnerable responses to his heartfelt questions—difficult questions about the human condition, the ambiguous soul of humanity, and the mysteries of God. The thought-leaders of modern Christianity have all contributed to his repertoire of films in a way that allows for the viewer not only to observe or consume content, but interact with it in a way that provokes continued conversation, and ultimately, renewal for transformation.

    Christopher L. Heuertz, Founding partner of Gravity, a Center for Contemplative Activism and author of Unexpected Gifts: Discovering the Way of Community.
  • My job is to tell the story of God and to invite people into the redemptive narrative of the Creator. The truth is that my job is much easier when I have access to provocative media shorts that invite spiritual conversation, thought, and a longing for truth. I purchased a membership from The Work of the People and am honored to share their creative work when I preach.

    Chris Seay, Founding Pastor of Ecclesia Church, Houston
  • TWOTP content is awesome. It's great that there is a worship media site that does more than cheesy worship videos. Your films add depth and articulate great messages. They truly are part of the liturgy. Also, it is extremely helpful to have a search based on the lectionary. To my knowledge, there is no other worship media site that does this.

    Chris Matthews
  • I really enjoy using TWOTP media pieces because they are different than some of the other stuff we use.  We don’t use them all the time, but when we do, people seem to connect with them.  This past Sunday we used the “Word Became Flesh” piece to start our service off as we were talking about the active love of God displayed to us and how we should display that same type of love to others in being a church of irresistible influence.  I’ve also used the “All Nations Will Worship” during a time of missions emphasis and the “Psalm 121” piece as a reflective piece at the end of service when we were focusing on looking to God in times of need.

    Thanks for your ministry and what you do.

    Chris Gambill, Worship Pastor, Cody Missionary Alliance Church
  • We've used several of your films in our high school youth group series about the Kingdom of Heaven. Your material is thoughtful, well-done, and challenges the easy assumptions our kids carry with them. I looked a long time for media that would help communicate something deeper than the usual fast/fun clips we find, and your videos have worked well - I find the kids remember them, think about them, and refer back to them weeks later.

    Thanks for what you do!

    Carol Kuniholm, Church of the Good Samaritan, Paoli, PA
  • Thank you for your prophetic, imaginative, inspiring work!

    Bruce McAndless-Davis, Pastor, St. Aidan's Presbyterian Church, New Westminister, BC
  • I'm a long-time raving fan of The Work of the People. Travis Reed and his collaborators create resources that enrich, stimulate, challenge, educate, form, and inspire. Since I know the heart and values that motivate this amazing crew, I encourage you to link up your creative impulses with theirs. 

    Brian Mclaren, Author and Activist
  • We are stoked to be in relationship with The Work of the People.

    Brent, Parker Pastor, Longview, TX
  • The Work of the People is a brilliant source of light in a world of cheesy, simplistic, low quality media being marketed to the church. I love the excellence of product. I love the focus on scripture. I love the engagement with real issues. Visual media is one of the primary communication languages of our present culture, and The Work of the People is fluent. As a pastor seeking new ways to present the ancient message of God’s love and the hope of the gospel I return to every week.

    Bill Heider,
  • Thank you for the beautiful, consistent, life-giving art you guys bring to life. Work of the People has been an incredible resource for us, especially as our community travels the journey away from a attractional, "rock show" model in our gatherings.

    Ben Thomas, Creative Arts Director, The Orchard Community
  • The Work of the People is an innovative and often provocative site for all those seeking to add new levels of inspiration, intimacy, and cultural comment to their worship experiences. The site offers deeply emotional and meaningful content in a number of media styles and technologies. As our world increasingly interacts and defines itself via media technology The Work of the People offers the church both content and a platform for the development of local liturgical worship. I have yet to find another site that offers such depth of opportunity for churches and groups of all kinds to expand and explore the meaning of worship.

    Barry Taylor, Author and professor at Fuller Seminary
  • Thank you for the wonderful resources on your website and for your refreshing perspective on mission and ministry. 

    Barb Spaulding, Pastor, Trinity Lutheran Church Moville IA
  • We recently did a sermon about social justice in a series our church did called “Undone”. The sermon focused on poverty and homelessness not only in our community, but throughout the world. We used the “Shine Your Light” film behind our band performing an adaptation of “Another Day in Paradise” by Phil Collins.

    We’ve also used the Colossians 1 loop as a call to worship going into David Crowder’s version of “All Creatures of Our God and King”. Your videos are poignant and deliver the message without adding too much unnecessary imagery or words. The music that is put behind the videos is all excellently chosen. Other videos that we’ve used before are, “A New Law”, “Birds and Ocean Loop”, “Psalm 104”, “Psalm 8” and “Jew Nor Greek”.

    Keep up the good work, guys!

    April A. Geiger, Good Shepherd Church
  • Beautiful, crisp, insightful and provoking...  All these describe the resources available from The Work of the People.  Using their material in our context has been a great way to enrich our own "liturgy".  Thanks TWOTP!

    Andy Wood, Pastor, Winnipeg Centre Vineyard
  • Of the many Christian video resources available to me as a pastor, TWOTP is one of my favorite. Their material is consistently thought provoking without being kitsch. It is both culturally and Biblically relevant, which is very important for the context in which I work. I have had the unlimited membership through my church account for several years and find it well worth every penny.

    Andy Brown, Pastor in Michigan
  • I have appreciated very much the individuals that you have had speaking on here lately. Their voices are the prophetic of this world, the counter-intuitive, the voices that frustrate those that live hidden and adulterated. These voices can shake even the unshakable. All of this is much appreciated. Hope and Peace, 

    Andrew S. Dungan
  • The Work of the People has been an enormous blessing to the body of Christ, a rich resource of downloadable video resources to enhance worship or even edited or re-mixed for other purposes. A highlight for me was the timely release of the “Please Don’t Make Us Sing This Song” video that countries around the world downloaded and played to receptive congregations who wept and prayed and felt like they were there at the disaster. I don’t know of any other group that has so effectively used downloadable video to impact, inspire and equip believers.  

    Andrew Jones, Project Director for the Boaz Project
  • We often use your videos for our worship service and I’m particularly appreciative of how Biblically-based the content is.

    Amy Sutherlun, Associate Pastor for Discipleship, First Presbyterian Church, Huntington, WV
  • I am very appreciative of the work you do, and the resources you are making available in video form. These are challenging topics being tackled with theological responsibility.

    Amaury Tanon-Santos, Director of Programs, Princeton Theological Seminary
  • TWOTP is a powerful tool for teaching and worship. I love it! God bless TWOTP, and thank you!

    Allan Cole, Rector
  • The Work of the People is an excellent resource for thoughtful, contemporary and insightful media . . . they have their finger on the cultural pulse and a must visit website for great video and images.

    Ali Campbell, Untied Kingdom

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