Claudio Oliver Videos

Friendship Trips


Claudio Oliver invites us to consider eternal Friendship trips over the traditional mission trips.

What Is Poverty?


If you lost everything, how long would it take you to get something to eat, find a place to stay, and a get some work?

Missio Dei


Claudio Oliver asks the question, "Do you have a mission or does the mission have you?"



Is our ministry too focused on "empowering" people?

Who Needs A Pastor?


As pastors, are we spending too much time "running the business" instead of feeding sheep to feed others?

A Pregnant Bride


Claudio Oliver on Jesus marrying a pregnant bride.

Should We Abolish Wealth?


Claudio Oliver says we should embrace the values of limits, renunciation and sacredness to our lives to do the work of abolishing wealth.

Measuring Beauty


Claudio Oliver reflects on measuring beauty while preparing a meal for friends.

Global Visions Vs. Local Attitude


Claudio Oliver on the call to be diasporic people vs. people on mission.

Remaking The Soil Of Creation


Are we in opposition to Creation? Have we become less human by trying to be God instead of surrendering to Jesus and becoming an icon of the Lord? Claudio Oliver on being icons vs managers.

The Work of the People

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