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Leaving Ourselves At The Altar


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When we run away, goodness and mercy pursue us with tenacious love across distant lands to piece together the shards of life - making us one again.This reflection/poem is Inspired by the text from the fourth week in Lent in the church calendar. Written by Kelly hall and Phuc Luu, acting by Jeremy Wells, filmed by Josh Spires and music by Aural Method. 

Leaving Ourselves at the Altar

There is heartbreak in the letting go
          Turning our face from the place of our birth
          But not wanting to forsake life in Eden
          For a land stained with blood
          Haunted by the cries from a field
                    Where we’ve done violence to ourselves and to another
                    We wandered so far from that country of origin
                    Marking ourselves with a burden
                    Yet protected and provided
                    Repeating in a mantra:
                    Even though I walk through the deepest, darkest valley,
I fear no evil
When we cannot look any deeper
          When there is none who can peer into the inner parts
                    The depths where we dare not go
          Our hearts are anointed,
          And preserved To not be of want
          To eat from the fruit of light
                    And not from darkness
          But to walk again on paths of righteousness

I have brought sacrifices to the altar
           And often I have held on to the very things I desired to give up
                     Clutching even to pain
                     Because I have nothing else to hold
           Giving up is a giving up of my image
                     Something too great to ask
                     Keeping my feet stuck to this ground
                     Blinding me from what is ahead

          When I thought my eyes were opened
          Claiming to see
          My blindness returned
          Another taste of the fruit of good and evil—
          a veil of darkness fell over me

But there is an invitation to receive vision
          From the dirt and mud,
          the blind eyes made open I
          The pools of Siloam wash over us
          Allowing us to move forward
          from the ashes of the altar
          to the place of our promise
          seeing ourselves for the first time
          learning our own faces
          in the waters that saved us
          as though we were remade in another’s image

When we run away
          goodness and mercy pursue us
          with tenacious love
          the kind that travels across distant lands

          over the entire length of our lives
          to be where we sit now
          piecing together the shards of life
                    making it again,
                    to be one.


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