Becoming Whole, Together

WELCOME, FRIEND. With decades of learning and teaching, Suzanne Stabile offers us an opportunity to see that our individual stories are (and always have been) part of a greater story. Our Starting Point. You are never severed from the fullness of God. The onset of this journey is a good time to mention that each human life is a gift and a practice that we are continually waking up to. We are literally love in action learning to move with intention. Before watching each film, make sure you are clear in matters of time and space. Take a moment for a few deep breaths, to get quiet, to open up and bring your full attention to the present moment. Approach each film with a curious mindset, imagine being a beginner learning something new rather than an expert with all the right answers. We highly suggest taking notes along the way. Science proves that repetition is the key to learning, so writing, reviewing, and even sharing what you are noticing helps deepen understanding, promote integration, and begin to embody our life’s values. Simply allow Suzanne’s conversation to stir your imagination and see where it takes you. To the journey!


Creating the space to receive...

Simple, intentional acts such as setting aside your phone, lighting a candle, making a cup of tea, and opening your journal are signals to yourself that you are entering sacred space

Journal what you are sensing, it's a wonderful practice to support your spiritual exploration.

Pay attention to your attention. Especially the voices of judgment, cynicism, and fear that limit us from being open to what Good is birthing anew.


Enjoy a slow, deep breath and sigh a long exhale and invite the Spirit into this softening.

To enter in, marinade in these words from Parker::


"It seems to me that the answer
to how one becomes oneself
is that you relax into it.

It is a gift to be received
rather than a goal to be achieved.

I become more myself
when I trust, and the beginning of trust
is believing that I was given
a gift of selfhood at birth,
a gift that I would say
comes directly from God. "

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