Do you know how to die? From the Living With Death series from The Work Of The People, Stanley Hauerwas talks about Healthcare and dying. Music by Aaron Strumpel.

Questions For Reflection

  1. Hauerwas sees the answer to the healthcare issue by “helping people to learn how to die.” How might helping people in this way be a form of healing?
  2. The example of the seminary student and the medical school student is about the importance of good health of the soul. Why do Christians often opt for substandard pastors, i.e. ones who are not well trained theologically, but not poorly trained physicians? What does this say about our view of our spiritual health?
  3. Hauerwas’s commentary on American healthcare versus British healthcare is about cooperation. In other words, we in America might not understand how to prioritize elective surgery and think that all surgery is necessary. How might “cooperation” enable us to understand the role of healthcare?

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