The Art and Practice of Prayer

THE ART & PRACTICE OF PRAYER Embracing Divine Presence 

What is prayer? Does it simply consist of getting something out of God or does it tap into something deeper in us, a longing for intimate connection, as a parent picks up a child to hold them? This curriculum is to start the discussion as to what prayer means and how we regain a practice that is at the core of who we are. We will hear from theologians and thinkers who share their own journeys of prayer. Part of the curriculum will provide suggestions for practices that can either be done alone or communally. 

The curriculum includes 7 films with discussion guide.


  1. PRAYER AS THE GIFT OF PRESENCE // Richard Rohr “Prayer and Surrender” video
  2. PRAYER AS BREATHING // Glennon Doyle Melton “Pray Ceaselessly” video
  3. PRAYER AS A PASSAGE // Jean Vanier “The Passage of Prayer” video 
  4. PRAYER AS COMMUNION PART ONE // Richard Rohr “Prayer: The State of Communion” video 
  5. PRAYER AS COMMUNION PART TWO // Ian Morgan Cron “Prayer” video 
  6. PRAYER AS SPIRITUAL DETOX // Sarah Bessey “Detoxing” video 
  7. PRAYER AS LISTENING // Phileena Heuertz “Hearing the Voice of God” video 

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