Interrupted By Hope Volume One


The purpose of Advent is to make us pregnant with hope. For many, the holiday season is not filled with joy, family, and gifts, but anxiety, stress, and despair. Advent seeks to reframe our experiences with new expectations, expectations that will not disappoint. It is the expectancy that new life will start to grow within all of us. However, we must be willing to make room for an interruption. Can we make that space to receive this gift?

These films are provided to help bring our attention to the season, to a sacred, different time. Each can be used in a communal or individual setting. May God use this time as a fresh breath, a new life within you and among you. May the stirrings of this season take root within you, extend and serve the world through you.

The series volume includes 6 films with accompanying discussion guide. 


  1. Advent week 1 - Advent as Wisdom – Richard Rohr “The Welcoming of a Bigger Mind” video
  2. Advent week 2 - Advent as Looking – Glennon Doyle Melton – “Be Still and Look” video
  3. Advent week 3 - Advent as Imagination - Marlon Hall “Fully Human” video
  4. Advent week 3 - Advent as Breaking the Circle – Wm. Paul Young “Coming to Find Us” video
  5. Advent week 4 - Advent as Subversion – Richard Rohr “Bearing the Divine Through the Ordinary” video
  6. Christmas - Christmas as Incarnation - Parker Palmer “The Risk of Incarnation” video

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