Doubt: A Sign of Faith & Life


The Webster's definition of doubt is: "to be uncertain about something; be undecided in opinion or belief."1 Some synonyms for "doubt" include: apprehension, confusion, disbelief, lack of confidence, misgiving, mistrust, quandary, skepticism, suspicion, uncertainty, and reluctance. Do you recognize any of these in your life right now? If you do, you are in the right place as you begin this video series. Journey alongside Rachel Held Evans, Greg BoydPeter RollinsSarah BesseyChris Heuertz and Dwight Peterson who aren't afraid to doubt and are convinced that questions and uncertainty are a central element of a vibrant and transforming faith. Who believe that mystery is one of the most central ingredients of faith. Who respect that our questions don't lead us down a slippery slope where we lose our faith completely but rather to a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God that is built not on certainty and blind obedience but on honesty, vulnerability, and trust. 

These six videos are an excellent launching point for meaningful discussion with other honest friends who are wrestling with their own questions and doubts, too. 

The curriculum, written by Kathy Escobar,  includes 6 sessions with accompanying leaders guide. 


  1. SESSION ONE // Born Again All Over Again with Sarah Bessey 
  2. SESSION TWO // Are You Afraid of Doubt? with Peter Rollins 
  3. SESSION THREE // The Gift of Doubt with Chris Heuertz 
  4. SESSION FOUR // Losing My Faith with Dwight Peterson 
  5. SESSION FIVE // Keeping Faith Awake with Rachel Held Evans 
  6. SESSION SIX // The Idolatry of Certainty with Greg Boyd 

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