A Calling to the Beloved


Perhaps the greatest question for many people, especially the young, is “what should I do with my life?” For many Christians, this question is often changed to “what is God calling me to do?” or “What is God’s will for me?” However, is this the question that we really need to ask? Perhaps a better question is, “What is God calling us to be?”

Calling is often wrapped up in the word “vocation.” This word has, at times, meant “Christian vocation” or “ministry,” but the word itself, from the Latin vocare meaning “to call,” simply means a calling to become what we are meant to become. When we become more of who we are, then our actions will be manifested from our transformation. In other words, doing will follow becoming. When we come to understand our calling then we come to understand that it is more than a job or even a career, but the transformation of the heart.

In this series, we talk about what it means to be called by God. Philosophers and theologians, spiritual directors and authors, share about how they responded to the call. How do we discern this calling? What steps do we need to take to listen to God? How is calling more than the things we do? How do we live a life as the beloved?

Let us talk. Let us create.

The curriculum includes 7 films with accompanying leaders guide.


  1. Vocation as Finding a Way //  Parker Palmer "Way to Open" video
  2. Vocation as the Image of God // Sara Bessey "Warrior Sisterhood" video
  3. Vocation as Listening to Your Life // Parker Palmer "Let Your Life Speak" video
  4. Vocation as Contributing to God’s Justice // Doug Hicks "Making a Good Living" video
  5. Vocation as Discernment // Jennifer Haworth "Discerning God's Call" video
  6. Vocation as Wholeness // William Paul Young "Receiving the Telos" video
  7. Vocation as Looking // Jean Vanier "What are You Looking For?" video

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