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Table FIlms

Table Films 

Eucharistical films around hospitality, gratitude, radical friendship to consider.

A films series with Diana Butler Bass on table ethics and table gifts. HERE 

Everybody's Table
Juanita Rasmus on God's Table and Jesus, the Sustainer. Come to the Table. HERE 

At the Table
A Table benediction by Phuc Luu. HERE

A Eucharist Story
Biblical scholar Dwight Peterson shares an intimate story about his last meal at the table. HERE

Healing Justice
Jennifer Bailey, Micky ScottBey Jones, and Robyn Henderson-Espinozaon on racism, white supremacy and the struggle to be be one. It’s at the Table where we start. HERE

Table Benediction 
A table benediction. Music by Arron Strumpel. HERE 

We Need Each Other
Jean Vanier on Jesus's dinner instructions. HERE

Welcome the Stranger
Parker Palmer on welcoming the stranger. HERE

The Table
Are you receiving and enjoying the mystery of the Table? Chris Heuertz on celebrating well. HERE 

You Are One
A Trinitarian, Table Prayer by Phu Luu...and BBQ! HERE 

Missional Imagination
Hanna Terry on forming Christian community shaped by practices of prayer, hospitality, and justice. HERE

The Eucharist, Formation, & Death
Ellen Davis on the Eucharist, formation, and death. HERE

Seeing Differently
How does experiencing beauty and delight nurture hope? Artist and teacher Lanecia Rouse Tinsley on why art and creativity can help make another world possible. Create around the Table. HERE

Back to the Table
Shauna Niequist invites us back to the table. HERE 

Rethinking Boundaries
What circles are you drawing by a lack of hospitality? Juan Martinez on the other, immigration, walls, power and fear. HERE

Hospitality and Salvation

What does hospitality have to do with salvation? Author and historian Diana Butler Bass talks about hospitality and the resurrection. HERE 

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