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  • A HUMBLE CALL - A humble call to repentance and resurrection to the people of the Cross from Ann Voskamp. PREVIEW HERE 
  • MOURNING BY MORNING - Willingness to be forgiven, to be brought breath, to live...PREVIEW HERE 
  • BE BEFORE US JESUS - An Easter benediction. PREVIEW HERE 
  • BREATHE - A Benediction Inspired by Isaiah 65. PREVIEW HERE 
  • HE IS RISEN - AN Easter benediction. PREVIEW HERE 
  • REALIGNED AGAIN -  A revelation, poem and prayer. PREVIEW HERE 
  • MYSTERY - Look! I'm making everything new. Tell everyone this is dependable and true. PREVIEW HERE 
  • MYSTERY TEXT VERSION - Look! I'm making everything new. PREVIEW HERE 
  • AWAKEN!- Celebrate! Awaken! Live! Salvation is now!  PREVIEW HERE 
  • EVERYTHING IS NEW - It's a painful process, but...Everything is new. PREVIEW HERE 
  • THE DAY IS NEAR - Salvation is on it's way. From Romans 13. PREVIEW HERE 
  • TO RESCUE ME -  Christ is offering his body to everyone. Will you partake? PREVIEW HERE 
  • A NEW LAW - Enjoy the freedom that Christ provided in his resurrection. PREVIEW HERE 
  • COME AWAKE - Night soon will be lifted, friend. Just be quiet and wait for the voice that will say... Come awake. PREVIEW HERE 


  • SOMETHING NEW - Miroslav Volf on the Cross and the Resurrection. PREVIEW HERE 
  • BEAUTY AN THE CROSS - Erwin McManus on the beauty and romance of the cross. PREVIEW HERE 
  • BACK FROM THE DEAD -Glennon Doyle Melton encourages us to just show up, because there is no more shame and you are forgiven. PREVIEW HERE 
  • ALL THE WAY DOWN - Danielle Shroyer's thoughts on the atonement, Jürgen Moltmann's "Crucified God," and the good news of an ugly cross. PREVIEW HERE 
  • EVERYDAY RESURRECTION - Spiritual director, and contemplative Juanita Rasmus tells her "lenten" story - A journey from death to life, from depression and shame to love and new life. PREVIEW HERE 
  • A BIGGER VIEW OF LIFE - Do you have a bigger view of death than you do of life? Paug Young on life now...and later. PREVIEW HERE 
  • LIFE WINS - Life always gets the last word, never death. Opus Prize winner Maggie Barankitse talks about loving the criminal. PREVIEW HERE 
  • THIS IS NOT THE END - "Christianity doesn't ignore the pain in the world, it goes through it and provides hope beyond." Dwight Peterson on anger and pain. PREVIEW HERE 
  • THE THREAT OF RESURRECTION - Is life hidden just under the surface of death? Parker Palmer on death-dealing vs. life-leading. PREVIEW HERE 
  • RESURRECTION - Dwight Peterson on the hope and mystery of the Resurrection. PREVIEW HERE 
  • RESURRECTION ENERGY - Paul Fromberg on the signs of resurrection. PREVIEW HERE 
  • YOU GET TO - You don't "have to" participate in The Resurrection, you "get to." Tripp Fuller on joining the protest march in God's love rebellion. PREVIEW HERE 
  • BRINGING TO LIFE - When we come to the end of our resources, we aren't as resourceless as we thought. The story is not over, God insists on having the last word…and he is bringing life. Dale Ryan on God and resurrection. PREVIEW HERE 
  • LONG TERM RESTORATION PROJECT - What did God do in Christ that we could not do for ourselves? NT Wright's 2 minute summary of the bible. PREVIEW HERE 
  • LOST NO MORE - Ron Lewis poses the question, "Does the art of our lives reflect the belief that there's something worse than death?" PREVIEW HERE 
  • JESUS IS GOD - Stanley Hauerwas on why he worships Jesus. PREVIEW HERE 
  • LOOK AT JESUS - NT Wright on what he'd say to his children on his death bed PREVIEW HERE 
  • THE CRUCIFORM MODEL OF BEAUTY - Brian Zahnd on how beauty will save the world. PREVIEW HERE 
  • RISKING IT ON JESUS - Rachel Held Evans on the good news of the Gospel and Jesus the Liberator. PREVIEW HERE 
  • A RESTLESS HEART - Greg Boyd on the Gospel and finding rest in Thee. PREVIEW HERE 

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