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Often times we are called to pilgrimage. To leave the places we know (internally, our thoughts, assumptions and beliefs, maybe) to explore with courage and curiosity the unknown (the great mystery of God and cosmic reality). The idea behind launching e-courses is to offer a guided mini-journey for individuals seeking to connect and work out ideas about faith and life with others. We aim to cultivate forums that promote questioning and self-awareness, deep listening, honest reflection, and courageous sharing.

In a world where hostilities against the human spirit often seems to be front-and-center, we hope that together we create alternative atmospheres of acceptance and encouragement, comfort and togetherness. We also hope you gain helpful tools, grow in your practice, and make friends—especially unlikely ones—that might continue on with you along the way. It is good to know you are not alone.

Admittedly, we are still pioneering what this looks like for TWOTP. It seems that more and more we are meeting spiritual seekers who (for whatever reason) are without a home community and are longing for mentorship and interaction with others in an environment that welcomes the deeper questioning known to expand faith and enrich life.

We hope our e-courses and online discussion groups can be a place to meet that desire. Each course will include assignments to watch films, include questions that lead to in-depth self-inquiry and group discussions throughout the duration of the course (typically 4-6 weeks) all facilitated by a mentor and friend of TWOTP.

We hope this becomes a resource that feeds into your becoming. Our greatest hope is that all we offer brings about more love, hope, and healing to the beloveds of the world.

Note: You don’t need to be a TWOTP subscriber to participate in an e-course, they are billed separately. TWOTP subscribers receive a 25% discount on e-courses.

From Death to Life: Rebuilding Your Faith


A Six-Week Journey with Author Kathy Escobar.

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