NT Wright talks about the recent death of his father the hope Christians should have and practice at a funeral.


  1. Wright reflects, “One of the surprising revelations of pastoral ministry is just how meaningful funerals are.” There is a sense of “God’s sorrow” and “God’s grief.” How is God present in the death of a love one? How can we find meaning in our deepest loss?
  2. Wright refers to Dylan Thomas’s poem, “Do Not GoGentle IntoThat Good Night,” and says that “there may be a rage against the dying of the light, but there is also a sense of…the sun has to set, we know this, there will be a new morning.” How can we grieve appropriately and with hope?
  3. Wright talks about Jesus establishing God’s Kingdom “on earth as it is in heaven” and that “the cross and Kingdom go together.” By saying that God is establishing God’s Kingdom, we are also saying that God is also working to defeat the forces of death and evil in the world. How can the church help people grieve and yet provide hope that God is establishing God’s Kingdom? How can we be a part of God’s work in providing comfort to those in grief and have suffered tragedy? 

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