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Session 1

Intro & Introductions


Welcome to our first TWOTP community discussion (of many to come) through the films created with our friend Rev. René August from the Creating Bigger Stores film series. We are grateful and glad to have you here! It is a joy to journey with you, as we listen, reflect, pray and deeply discern together. 

Rev. August and her thoughts, words and insight will be our guide throughout this series on power, race, justice, and creating bigger stories together. Our good friend Danielle Fanfair will be the discussion cultivator, offering prompts and practices for deeper listening and discerning.

A few discussion participation notes...Consider responding to others’ sharing by always sticking with “I” statements. Let's try and not overdo it with "advice-giving" to others. And remember to keep all of the personal sharing here confidential. Another reminder, the hope for the journey though these films and discussion is not information exchange or to prove or disprove ideas, but rather to create space for deep listening.

Again, this is our fist go at this so be patient and forgiving, but please do offer up suggestion that would serve these types of spaces better moving forward, or any questions, concerns, or requests, to Travis at

For this first week we'll have two session, this intro session and session two, Interrogating Narratives. Then each Monday over the next four weeks, we'll release another film and session. Participants are in different time zones with different life rhythms, so contribute when it works best for you. But do jump into the mix, the sharing with others in the discussion is what makes groups like this more meaningful.


Let's start with participant introductions!  Consider these questions and enter your response int he discussion area below: 

  1. Who you are and where you are from.
  2. Offer up a  little bit about your faith story in terms of your faith tradition and experiences.
  3. Share where you find yourself now on the path.
Remember, we want to be able to read them all and feel like we can connect with each other so try to keep introductions to a few lines 


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