Has much of contemporary Worship become a form of entertainment?


  1. Hauerwas uses the word “ugly” to describe much of contemporary Christian worship. What do you think he means by “ugly”?
  2. There is a “superficiality” with much of contemporary worship. How is this attraction to the superficial a means of coping with the world?
  3. Hauerwas employs the example of the Quaker meeting house to talk about simplicity and beauty. How can there be beauty in simplicity?
  4. Hauerwas talks about the “homogeneity” of the church growth movement. Church has become a form of passive entertainment. How is worship a type of “work”? 
  5. Hauerwas uses the image of digging a trench together. What makes worship this type of communal effort? How can sermons move from entertainment and toward interaction?

Question written by Phuc Luu.

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