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Different but Not Divided

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Different but Not Divided


Churches are closing every day. Beautiful, important communities that are desperately
needed in a world thirsty for Love and Light turn off the lights and close their doors.
Often it is at the end of a painful journey that began with a disagreement, maybe over the
meaning and intention of scripture, or culturally divisive issues, or it could just be about
who gets to pick the color of carpet.

When we love our theology more than our brothers and sisters we are usually left with
only two options: 1. Create increasingly larger, theologically monolithic and
homogeneous churches, or 2. Disintegrate, fracture and eventually close the doors and
lose relationship with each other.

For almost 10 years in The Refuge community, we have tried to practice a third option--a
Third Way--where instead of fighting for our positions or fleeing for the safe haven of a
group that looks, thinks, and believes like us--we live in the tension of our difference.

We are different, not divided.

It is not for the faint of heart, or those who have prioritized efficiency over relationships.
But it is an absolute requirement if you dream of a faith community that is zealous to live
out the dream and prayer of Jesus that we be unified and one body.

Karl Wheeler and Kathy Escobar - our faith community 

The curriculum includes 6 films with an accompanying leaders guide. (Note: to download discussion guides click "Addition Content File" in download box. For Personal Streaming subscribers, download HERE). Series trailer is streaming on Facebook HERE or download HERE.


Session 1 - Fight or Flight vs. The Third Way - Part One (13 minutes)
Session 2 - Fight or Flight vs. The Third Way - Part Two (22 minutes)
Session 3 - Unity vs. Uniformity (16 minutes) 
Session 4 - Safety vs. Comfort  (7 minutes) 
Session 5 - Dignified Dialogue  (11 minutes)
Session 6 - Hope for the Church (16 minutes)

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