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MAY 04, 2015 - Visual Epistles

Resurrection as Something new

A native to Croatia and not unfamiliar to war, violence, and ethnic hatred, Miroslav Volf, is a theologian who seeks to bring the reality of the Trinity to all aspects of life. In this film, Volf tells a story about his Father, a concentration camp prisoner, who was forced to survive on 200 calories a day. Can resurrection come even from these horrible experiences?

Questions for Reflection

1. To the question, “What breaks your heart?” Volf answers, “Hungry mouths” and relates a story of his father who was a part of a three-month death march before entering a concentration camp.1 His father’s suffering profoundly shaped Volf’s view of the world. How is understanding hunger and suffering an important part of the Christian experience?

2. To the question, “What did Jesus do on the cross that we cannot do for ourselves?” Volf responds that he learned the answer from his father and from the Old Testament character, Job. Volf then asks, “How do you discover from within the pit of your own existence” that “you are a beloved child of God and that all will be forgiven and all will be well”?

How can we learn of God’s love and forgiveness even in the midst of suffering, as Job did?

3. Volf then asks, “How do you hope for something new” and not be “caught in the cause and effect mechanism?” This mechanism is one where one responds to violence with violence. How can Christians escape the cycle of violence and poverty in the world? How the cross and the resurrection help us to answer this question?

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