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AUG 19, 2014 - Visual Epistles

Prayer As Communion Part Two

Prayer as Communion (Part One) is the fifth session from The Art and Practice of Prayer , a 7 film series on embracing divine presence. Also the first collection from our new "Poieō Series: Liturgy That Shapes and Transforms." (The word poieō in Greek means “to make” and “to do.” This is where we get the word “poem.” Poetry comes through the creative process that we put into our lives, our relationships, our most intimate connections. This series is a collection to stir our deep longing to set our lives into the rhythm and meter of an eternal song).\

What if our technology was simply a way to reproduce digitally what we are missing in reality? An audiophile once played me a cassette tape to demonstrate the difference between analogue and digital. He was excited to share with me the richness of music that was broadcasted from physical data. Digital audio was simply trying to mimic analogue audio, but the better the quality of the digital file, the more data it would have to use. In the same way, a digital camera is simply trying to reproduce the richness of physical film. In many ways, the technology of the present is trying to replicate the more primitive invention of the past. So, it seems that the more technologically advanced we become, the more we are trying to reproduce what it replaced.

Think of the Internet as a way of communing with millions of people. However, we once had networks of people who lived in communities. At one time people live in towns where everyone knew who you were and you knew who everyone was. These connections were not casual, but intimate. They were about the basic needs of connection, caring and love. It was about neighbor helping neighbor, and friends who supported each other.

The call of the Christian communion is not to go back to these times that are now long lost to us, but forming new ways connecting that gets us back to who we were originally meant to be. Ian Cron talks about these ways of connecting in which he calls “communion with God.”

Watch the film. Consider the questions. (DOWNLOAD HERE ). Comment below.

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This discussion will be facilitated by Phuc Luu, theological and philosophical writer for TWOTP. He is a professor of theology and philosophy in Houston, Texas.

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