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MAY 21, 2014 - News & Miscellaneous

New Streaming Subscription

Dear Purveyors of Liturgical Goodness,

It has been over seven years since The Work of the People wrestled it’s way into the world, faithful yet clueless. Sometimes God chooses the foolish things of the world, eh?

From the start, I’ve travelled near and far with my little video camera and interviewed over 130 of the most inspiring, innovative, and progressive speakers, teachers and thinkers I could get to share some time with me. I have also created the only visual liturgy library on the planet—films for discovery and transformation.

The most amazing part to witness, is that transformation really is happening! I receive your stories of how this work has informed or changed you, and your stories, in turn, transform me. Okay, so it’s slightly weird that we are connected through the digital ether while being scattered to the four corners of the globe. But we’ve made some beautiful connections. I feel like all of us, as digital vagabonds and spiritual wayfarers, are traveling from religion to Jesus together. It’s good isn’t it? Feels like somethin’s a brewin’.

It’s beautiful, and messy.

Here’s some of the messy part. While I’ve been able to create, manage, and publish all of this content free of charge for our online community (to date, we have only charged folks who download films for group presentations) it hasn’t been free for me. In addition to significant debt incurred from the launch of the renovated and updated site in 2013 (Dave Ramsey would not approve of my methods), paying for new video equipment after my original gear was stolen, plus the monthly operations and maintenance costs associated with streaming over 1,000 films and supporting the subsequent server load from tens of thousands of visitors has become financially unsustainable for me to carry alone. (Deep inhale.) 

To be clear, I’m not complaining—we’re growing!—it is just time for me to say how it is, and let you in on what adaptations I need to make through these growing pains to continue to facilitate TWOTP. (Growing pains are good, right?)

The Work of the people is not corporately sponsored, funded by non-profits, religious organizations, special interest groups, private funders, or The Man in any way, shape or form—and I plan to keep it that way in an effort to remain a truly independent Christian publisher.

The way I see it, The Work of the People is for the people, and should be sustained by the people; much like a community invests in the crops of their local farmer. Instead of tying The Work of the People to the specific interests of a handful of wealthy investors, my vision is to spread our financial income over many thousands of supporters.

For the People. By the People. (For effect, cue Chariots of Fire music or any tune by Rage Against the Machine here).

We’ve spent the last year weighing options for moving forward and have landed on what I feel is a very affordable, reasonable and sustainable solution for continuing to offer streaming access to our library.

We’ve decided the best option that’s in keeping with TWOTP’s ethos is to transition away from free online film previews and into a $7 per month personal online streaming subscription (also offering a 30 day free trial option with no credit card required).

Visual liturgy films and worship loops will still be free to stream, and the existing fees for monthly and yearly download plans have stayed the same but will now include free unlimited personal streaming as well.

This sounds like “money stuff”, and, is. But it’s more than that. A growing number of online viewers are not organizations previewing films to download for group presentation, but individuals looking to nurture their spiritual growth and journeys.

You all have said that TWOTP is nurturing your transformation and I’m amazed and humbled to be a part of it. We’re getting saved from cynicism and rescued from religion. We’re falling into the arms of hope and finding rest in the everlasting.

So with all that said, I believe this transition to paid access is less about “money stuff” and more about an invitation to be part of The Work Of The People in a way that is mutually sustainable and transformative.

Here’s to the beautiful mess, and the transformation it leads us to (did I just end with a toast?)! May God give you courage in your own beautiful mess.

Thank you so much for your continued support of TWOTP as we dive into this new season. I’d love to hear your thoughts, feedback or suggestions regarding our shift.

Until then, stay weak.





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