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JUL 23, 2013 - Visual Epistles

Joined To The Living

Most of the land on my neighbor churches is taken about by ornamental bushes and trees or large stretches of grass. Is that use of the land the best witness to the community or is it perhaps a failure of imagination? God was described in Scripture as the first Gardener. Why don't Christians and faith communities have a better relationship with the land? Crazy bible nonsense from Norman Wirzba.

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About Altɐr

We believe there is an alternative narrative to the prevalent narrative of scarcity and fear. We believe God is moving and is behind an alternative narrative of abundance and freedom, a narrative in which fear gets defeated and love wins.

We believe God’s narrative requires we altǝr our perspective, that we step, in faith, into God’s upside down reality. In God’s reality we listen for, live and speak God’s upside down voice of faith, hope and love, not striving for ourselves but serving our neighbor. For all these reasons, this is Altǝr.

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