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JUN 27, 2016 - News & Miscellaneous

I'm Still A Racist

For six years, I was the only white guy in a house with seven black guys. I was the multi-cultural RA in college. My grandpa never spoke to me again after I sent him a picture of me with my black date (he died sometime later, partly due to rejecting medical care from a doctor who was Asian).I have shared beautiful stories within community over moonshine and a game of bones in the woods of Gainesville, Georgia.

And, I’m still racist.

The Work of the People was saved and birthed from uncredentialed friendships from the Caribbean and Latin America, and I am fairly intentional about carving out space to hear from the other, even taking trips at times when finances were tight just to include voices typically considered “on the fringe”.

Even so, I’m still struggling within myself.

There have been a few people who called me out on social media with remarks about not finding themselves reflected in some of TWOTP’s bundles. Although I may not intend harm or injustice, or even feel I am a racist, I have blindspots that have been pointed out to me that are coming into view. I’m grateful for some recent breaking/cracking open that’s help me to see my heart and mind and imagination are still marbled with sin, or unlove, or just asleep at the wheel.

Whatever you want call it…I’m still growing as a person. I am still (by the grace of God) becoming a person who makes room for every human being regardless. I want TWOTP to be the kind of place that gives an honest reflection of who we can expect to sit next to at the Kingdom table, and I will continue to collect voices and faces that represent the beauty and variety of God’s beloved.

Everything is grace. To the people who have challenged me and welcomed me into this deep reflection and healing, I say thank you. Thank you for making room for me.

And, thank you to Lisa Sharon Harper and others for their invitation into friendship and collaboration. Keep an eye out Fall 2016 for a new series created in friendship with Sojourners that includes the voices of Bryan Stevenson, Amal Nassar, Jim Wallis, Llewellyn McMaster, Rene August, Terry Leblanc, Robyn Henderson-Espinoza, Rashad Robinson, Simone Campbell, and James A. Forbes (FEATURED IN THE FACEBOOk CLIP HERE) who’s blessings on TWOTP I pray goes deep into the soil and nurtures what God is doing within and among us—bringing us forward on the resurrection path towards ultimate, divine justice. The “Big J” kind.

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