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SEP 16, 2014 - Visual Epistles

Eucharist as Story

Eucharist as Story is the first session from Feeding Our Faith, a 7 film series on the celebration of the Eucharist. Also the second collection from our new "Poieō Series: Liturgy That Shapes and Transforms." (The word poieō in Greek means “to make” and “to do.” This is where we get the word “poem.” Poetry comes through the creative process that we put into our lives, our relationships, our most intimate connections. This series is a collection to stir our deep longing to set our lives into the rhythm and meter of an eternal song).

For many reasons, some Christians have found gathering for community difficult. Whether it was because of difficult church experiences or not being able to find a community that truly is a match, many Christians have accepted the idea that institutionalized religion is not for them. However, the Eucharist is less about a religious ritual than it is about the experience of community. Moreover, the true meaning of the Eucharist is in the table that Jesus sets before His disciples and the table He sets before His followers. It is about the gathering and sharing of lives.

The Eucharist is the sharing of God to the world, not in an abstracted idea, but embodied in flesh and blood. In the same way, community takes place when people gather to share of themselves with one another, broken and poured out. This community is rare and hard to come by, but when encountered, it becomes transformative. The ritual then becomes a reflection of what is taking place in the lives of people who gather together to live out the gospel.

How does the Eucharist fill our lives? Dwight Peterson, professor emeritus of theology, shares how the Lord’s Table has enriched his life. Peterson discusses a revelation that he and his wife had about experiencing the Eucharist and how each experience has continued to satisfy a deep hunger for community. Even in his hospice bed, Peterson longs to be connected to the source of life that takes place in this communion with God and others.

Watch Film. Consider questions. (DOWNLOAD HERE ). Comment below.

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This discussion will be facilitated by Phuc Luu, theological and philosophical writer for TWOTP. He is a professor of theology and philosophy in Houston, Texas.

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