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DEC 23, 2013 - News & Miscellaneous

Dear Purveyors of Liturgical Goodness

Dear Purveyors of Liturgical Goodness

I trust you’re staying weak this Christmas season, and your loving presence is creating all kinds of joyful disruption among those you love and those you don’t.

Advent is a good season for reflection, and in this season I find myself reflecting on the journey we’ve been on together. The Work of the People has been around for 8 years. [Wow, really?!] and some of you have been with us that whole time, passionate purveyors of theological goodness, unwilling to settle for the usual. Some of you have discovered us more recently but are no less passionate purveyors of the unusual. 

The past eight years have been a busy, packed, rewarding, deep,desperate, painful, joyful, alarming, hopeful, human, one-of-a-kind, Spirit-infused, what-the-heck-just-happened?, thrill ride. We’re still here. We don’t want to duct tape fruit to the tree, it has to grow from the inside out, so it’s a long road to growth, but we’re growing. We’ve been trying to serve well by creating content that creates context and meaning for your journey. 

In the coming year we hope to deepen our connection to, well, you; the people who lift us up to our best and fuel what we do. We want to keep getting better and better and better and making content (we’re artists, we can’t help it). But at the same time we want to dig into the soil of relationship, engage more. We aren’t a big machine cranking out Jesus Product™, nor do we ever, ever, ever want to be, so we’re hoping you’ll help us stay tethered to the things we all value; hopeful, honest, raw, real resources that serve the body and nurture action in the worlds we inhabit. 

From that engaged foundation our dreams for the next couple of years include creating an online publishing platform and developing a more robust online curriculum for discovery and transformation. We don’t want to make Shinier and More Better Organized Resources for the Church™. We want to make curriculum for living. We can’t give you a flourescent-light-illuminated-pie-chart-wrapup of exactly what it’ll look like, which means it’s probably on the right track and at least has a hope of being awesome.

Dreaming big reminds us we aren’t backed by a big organization, denomination or angel investor with deep pockets. Yes, that makes us fragile, but it also means we’re independent and able to doubt, cry out and to speak freely. Our ecumenical and open voice is one of the things you consistently tell us you appreciate. So, we want to keep moving into freedom. 

We hope you join us in dreaming into the future, growing and learning in hope and meaning. If you’ve been on the journey with us the whole way, thanks. No. Really. Thanks. It’s simple, but we mean it. If you’ve just joined the journey, thanks. Just as simple, and just as sincere. We hope you let us keep serving you. 

Much love over the Christmas season,

Travis Reed
Founder, The Work Of The People 

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Do we dare slip in an invitation to purchase a yearly subscription? You can subscribe here: It’s the best way to give us some measure of stability from which we can dream into the future.  

p.s. Gotta tell you about films coming up in 2014:

- Glennon Doyle Melton from Momastery
- Heretic Greg Boyd
- Saint Sara Miles
- Bob Ross look-a-like Philip Yancey
- The founder of Liberation Theology, Rev. Gustavo Gutierrez
- Fuller Seminary President Mark Labberton
- Writer Kathleen Norris
- Theologian Bruce Epperly
- Charlie Peacock
- Author and Philanthropist Roberta Green Ahmanson
- Many more. Seriously.
- New liturgy films for Lent and Easter

More from: 
- Jean Vanier 
- Parker Palmer 
- John Cobb 
- Christine Sine
- John Perkins
- Dwight Peterson
- Fred Bahnson
- Stanley Hauerwas
- Dale Ryan
- Richard Rohr
- Jonathn Wilson-Hartgrove
- Paul Young
- Matt Russell

If all goes well
- Eugene Peterson
- Richard Forester
- Jurgen Moltmann

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