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MAR 30, 2015 - Visual Epistles

Bring II Into the Light

Life is difficult, and sometimes too difficult. Author and speaker, Nish Weiseth, shares about a time struggling with postpartum depression that almost took her life. In these times even the smallest bits of hope will help us to bring things into the light. 

Questions for Reflection

1. The question is asked, “What is story to you?” Weiseth responds, “It’s just the vulnerable sharing of your life with other people.” She adds that this “seems really insignificant” in the larger scheme of things. “How is that going to change anything?” she asks. How does sharing our story seem at first insignificant to the larger picture?

2. However, Weiseth says, “If I’m honest about [my struggles], first, and then I share it with someone else. The chance is that someone will also say ‘me too.’ Then all of the sudden the world is not so small.” How does “small acts of honesty” and “small acts of vulnerability” help “produce transformation”? How has this happened in your life?

3. Weiseth Shares about postpartum depression to the point of wanting to commit suicide. She describes, “The depression was so bad and the darkness was so encompassing.” Why are many Christians hesitant about sharing their own stories about being in a similar kind of darkness?

4. Weiseth says that she came to realize that she was “not alone in this” and that God “is in the darkness.” What does it mean to say “God is in the darkness”? How can God be found in these difficult places?

5. Weiseth concludes by saying, “Having a little bit of hope to cling no small thing” and that “All stories...are fertile ground, if we bring it to the light.” How can these little bits of hope help us through our difficulties? How can we find these in the stories of others?

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