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Believe Vs Make Believe


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Has the work of the language of the faith been separated from the work of the faith? Stanley Hauerwas on doing the work of faith. 

Questions For Reflection

  1. According to Hauerwas, Evangelicals tend to just “believe stuff.” This sometimes separates the “language of faith” from the work of faith. What might be the difference between just believing and the work of believing?
  2. Hauerwas uses the example of “frogging the mud.” Good bricklayers let the mud do the work of pulling the brick to plumb and this is how we should talk about God, i.e. there should be no separation between our talk about Jesus and the work we do as Christians. How can we sometimes separate our words from our work? How do we make sure words and work are pulled together? What might be the church’s role in helping us do this?

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