God sent us away from home...To the place of our new birth...A place where we will one day feel at home again. This reflection/poem is Inspired by the text from the second week in Lent in the church calendar. Written by Kelly Hall and Phuc Luu, acting by Jeremy Wells, filmed by Josh Spires and music by Aural Method. 

Away from Home

God sent us away from home,
dressed with instruction
clothed and turned toward a future
          that cannot be seen
          with frightening anticipation
          and the promise of blessing.

Just one step outside of Eden,
          the air was different, so was breathing
          and our legs and our stride
          and then came quickly the question:
          “From where will my help come?”

We depended on the One who would hold our feet steady, 
          trying step through the terrain, sometimes climbing ever upward
                    Did we stop to just gaze at sun or moon?
                    Did we notice the stars or sand on shore?
                              Not like we did before—
                    now only points on the path, directional
                    pointing clearly to something more—
                    someone who made the universe
                    and its sandy beaches and sky and moving earth beneath our feet.

Bombs dropped on my homeland many years ago.
          Their explosions like fireworks to my young ears,
          move across the ocean of my soul
          and meet me here, a place of new sights of sounds,
          new wounds and healing and still—
          “Where will my help come?”

Coming to trust again,
          prayers are simply the cries of a baby
                    connected as in the womb
          to the One whose arms are of embrace
                    the love of a mother for her child
          to accept as a gift,
                    we breathe in  and work
                    to make easy, what was once effortless

Jesus went up the hill and was changed
          To see the law and the prophets
          Moses and Elijah
          His face as the burning bush
          His feet as the hallowed ground
          The disciples saw him as the Son of Man
          The one who was fully who he was,
                    and meant to be,
                    One who completely trusted
                    Beloved Son
          And they were to see themselves in him
                    Loved daughters and sons.

And we make our way on this mountainside
          Ascending and descending with our belief
          Not to find ourselves, but to enter into the life of the beloved
                    Our final resting place
                    Where what was lost is found
          Another new way of walking, making way
          To the place of our new birth
                    where the miles we have traversed
                    will be mapped upon the heart
                              of the One who calls us to remember,
                                        to believe we will one day feel at home again.

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