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Long Term Restoration Project


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What did God do in Christ that we could not do for ourselves? NT Wright's 2 minute summary of the bible.


  1. To the question, “What did God do in Christ that we could not do for ourselves? ,” Wright says that the “meaning that what did in Christ” has “to do with the long term project at recuing the world.” God had to become the Israel in Jesus the Messiah, the Christ. How does this “long term restoration project” affect the way we perceive what God is doing in our lives and the life of the church?
  2. Wright talks about how the “meaning of [Christ’s] death and the meaning of [Christ’s] launching of the Kingdom” go together. In other words, Christ becomes the people who could be obedient people of God, and Christ becomes the King of the Kingdom that could not be established by the kings of the world. How is God’s work a way of demonstrating God’s love? How does this work help us to see our weaknesses and embrace God’s forgiveness?

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