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We've appeared on these fine sites.

TWOTP represents a new era of wonder-filled Christianity, that is of the people and not from the usual company men.

Richard Rohr, Franciscan & internationally known speaker.

TWOTP is an important resource for those who wish to light living fires in their hearts.

Peter Rollins, Philosopher, theologian, and storyteller.

Compelling and artistic explorations of some of the deepest questions about God, faith, and common human destiny.

Miroslav Volf, Founder, Yale Center for Faith and Culture.

For churches who are going to use new forms of media, you can't do better than TWOTP.

Stanley Hauerwas, Author and theologian.

The Work of the People is sassy, fresh, creative... and grounded. I'm delighted to be conspiring with them, and hope you will too.

Shane Claiborne, Author, activist & Jesus peace dude.

TWOTP wades into the hard issues, shows why they are important, and provides ways to think faithfully about them.

Walter Brueggemann, Author, poet & Old Testament dude.

Congratulations Travis and The Work Of The People! You are doing wonderful work!

Jean Vanier, Prophet and L'Arche Community founder.

TWOTP is equal parts challenging, stimulating and insightful as well as being playful, irreverent and out-and-out great fun.

Michael Frost, Internationally recognized Australian missiologist.

TWOTP is a rare breed. They have a gifted manner of capturing the essence of a person.

Phileena Heuertz, author and founder of the Gravity center.

They get it that we're all in this together, drawing on the same aquifer of the Spirit.

Parker J. Palmer, Writer, speaker, and activist.

The films have been bread for my soul when i'm wondering what the hell I'm doing as a presbyterian minister.

Paul Grant, Scotland

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The Work of the People

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