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We are an independent ecumenical platform that produces and publishes multimedia to stir imagination, spark discussion and move people toward discovery and transformation. 

Seeing and living in God's alternative narrative of abundance and freedom often requires a holy disruption that gets us to an altered perspective. The Work Of The People strives to be a holy disruption and prophetic witness that creates multimedia as a daring proclamation and moves people toward growth and divine vocation.

By creating the only Visual Liturgy library on the planet and gathering the wisdom and insight of an unparalleled collection of theologians and practitioners, The Work Of The People have become trusted creators of content that doesn't decorate, but declares; and curators of a unique cloud of witnesses who challenge and invite us to live upside down and abundant lives. 

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Founder, Travis Reed 

Travis Reed is the founder and the filmmaker at The Work Of The People. Travis is no "master craftsman" but he has clocked in over 40,000 hours creating hundreds of short films for communities of faith. Once abused, kidnapped & fatherless, not to mention "evicted" from the Army,  Travis - while at the end of his rope - got saved through a U2 song and now is married to his best friend and a father of two boys. (Read Travis' testimony in Christianity Today). Travis and his family live in Cypress, Texas. Grace abounds…and the Dude abides.

What others have said about Travis

"Travis Reed is the only one of his kind. He wades into the hard issues, shows why they are important, and provides ways to think faithfully about them. In doing so, he lightens our load and transmits energy for the tasks that are now so urgent among us."
Walter Brueggemann, Author and Theologian

"Travis is quite an artist, creative and faithful, his work is so meaningful. He is a genius behind the camera. In ways that bypass ordinary logic, he sees with his heart, makes connections between apparently unrelated things, and produces films that nourish the life of faith without putting anything sticky sweet in them. You can trust him to move you and make you think at the same time, but above all you can trust him. I did and do.God must be really happy with the way he's turning out."
Barbara Brown Taylor, Author.

"Travis Reed, of The Work of the People, is a rare breed. With nothing but a hand-held camera and authenticity, Travis has a gifted manner of capturing the essence of a person. Thanks to him, we have the possibility of connecting in a raw way with some of the most unique followers of Christ in the world today. Their messages are important because their lives have been tested and Travis uncovers the treasures within them."
Phileena Heuertz, Author and Founder of the Gravity Center

"Travis Reed is incredible. His films are simple yet content rich, artful but unpretentious, excellent but never slick, imaginative but coherent, moving but never sentimental. Travis Reed is unequaled when it comes to advancing the kingdom through his 'visual epistles'."
Ian Morgan Cron, Author of Jesus, My Father, the CIA and Me: A Memoir...Of Sorts.


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An unparalleled and growing collection of theologians and practitioners, The Work Of The People has become trusted curators of a unique cloud of witnesses.

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Visual Liturgy

Visual prayers, visual poems and visual benedictions, interpretive and contemplative pieces as well as looped visual imagery for worship.

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