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Nativity, Abstract - Stars & Shepherds

DEC 07, 2015 - Visual Liturgy

Nativity, Abstract

Where do you find yourself today? With all the disaster and death in the world and national news, many of us are really feeling the darkness. Frustration, fear, and pain are thickening the air making it hard for us to ...

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Nativity, Abstract - MARY

NOV 27, 2015 - Visual Liturgy

Nativity, Abstract

by Kelly Ann Hall 

Towards the ever-darkening Adven...

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AUG 30, 2017 - Visual Liturgy

Tonight - A Hurricane Harvey reflection piece. Music by Houstonian  read more

Motivated By Love

APR 14, 2017 - Visual Liturgy

Motivated By Love - A Good Friday Experience Film

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Nativity, Abstract - Joseph

NOV 27, 2015 - Visual Liturgy

Nativity, Abstract

by Kelly Ann Hall 

As we continue to create space this Adve...

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Healed at the Table

NOV 14, 2017 - Visual Liturgy

by Micky ScottBey Jones

Maybe you are like me and have been going through a lot of life changes. This was the time of year where I was dusting off cookbooks with trusted cranberry recipes and trying to find just the right turkey. Now I’m not...

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Nativity Abstract - Angles and a Holy Night

DEC 17, 2015 - Visual Liturgy

Nativity, Abstract

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Nativity, Abstract - Jesus

DEC 22, 2015 - Visual Liturgy

Nativity, Abstract

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A Death to Awken

FEB 19, 2018 - Visual Liturgy

A Death to Awaken, a visual meditation written by Kelly Stewart Hall and Inspired by John of the Cross' Dark Night of the Soul.

Something greater is hold...

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You Are Forgiven

JUN 10, 2016 - Visual Liturgy

You Are Forgiven…
(inspired by Luke 7:36-8:3)

In contemplating this scripture passage this week, I struggled with the imagery in the scene...

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I AM Sorry

JUL 13, 2016 - Visual Liturgy

I AM Sorry by Kelly Hall

This blessing was written with an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation in mind. It is...

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About Altɐr

We believe there is an alternative narrative to the prevalent narrative of scarcity and fear. We believe God is moving and is behind an alternative narrative of abundance and freedom, a narrative in which fear gets defeated and love wins.

We believe God’s narrative requires we altǝr our perspective, that we step, in faith, into God’s upside down reality. In God’s reality we listen for, live and speak God’s upside down voice of faith, hope and love, not striving for ourselves but serving our neighbor. For all these reasons, this is Altǝr.

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