The Work of the People

Richard Rohr on limiting God.

APR 26, 2013 - Visual Epistles

Richard Rohr on limiting God to spaces and forms.

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Stanley Hauerwas reluctantly defines Christianity.

MAY 02, 2013 - Visual Epistles

What is a "Christian?" Stanley Hauerwas reluctantly defines Christianity and talks about the signs of a baptized life and identity.

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Is Love sustainable?

APR 27, 2013 - Visual Epistles

In a world of "sabbathless brick production" is love sustainable? Our good friend Matthew Russell offers some vulnerable thoughts.

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Crushed Like Grapes

MAY 07, 2013 - Visual Epistles

Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove on the Eucharist and Christ's Body.

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Despair Vs. Hope

AUG 14, 2013 - Visual Epistles

Is Despair a Sin?

I’ve been considering the relationship between despair and hope. Hauerwas says “despair is a sin” (see the video “Despair Vs. Hope”).  Many people struggle with depression and anxiety that leads to feelings of hopelessn...

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Joined To The Living

JUL 23, 2013 - Visual Epistles

Most of the land on my neighbor churches is taken about by ornamental bushes and trees or large stretches of grass. Is that use of the land the best witness to the community or is it perhaps a failure of imagination? God was described in Script...

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Is Doubt A Gift?

AUG 24, 2013 - Visual Epistles

Many folks work hard to cast out all doubts, but author and activist Chris Heuertz says doubt can be one of the best gifts to communities. What do you think?

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The Poetry Of Sadness

JUL 30, 2013 - Visual Epistles

In the Psalms we see a human experience of God who is least concerned with being utilitarian.  Walter Brueggemann has a well-placed critique of what has become so common in pop liturgies; the victory song before, or without, the battle. Peter R...

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The Lone Ranger and Tonto

JUL 06, 2013 - Visual Epistles

Hauerwas' joke about distinguishing the "Christian We" from the American We."

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The Event

MAY 09, 2013 - Visual Epistles

"You don't experience your birth, It's your birth that enables you to experience everything." Peter Rollins on scripture, the transformative event and thoughts on...

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A Stance Of Unknowing

MAY 13, 2013 - Visual Epistles

Barbara Brown Taylor on the mystery of God's presence, embracing the unknowing and...obfuscation.

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Recognizing God's Imprint

JUL 16, 2013 - Visual Epistles

Christopher Heuertz on growing into recognizing God's divine imprint in community.

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Crucified Identities

MAY 17, 2013 - Visual Epistles

Peter Rollins on new communities birthed through crucified identities.

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Welcome To The Human Race

JUN 06, 2013 - Visual Epistles

Parker Palmer on the unifying power of acknowledging our weakness in community.

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The Cosmic Christ

MAY 23, 2013 - Visual Epistles

Richard Rohr gives a profound insight into the nature of the historical Jesus and what the resurrected Christ really means.

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Establishing Who Is RIght

MAY 31, 2013 - Visual Epistles

"I Like to find something with the other that brings us both to tears" - Barbara Brown Taylor

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Writing Other's Scripts

JUN 11, 2013 - Visual Epistles

Christopher Heuertz on not making others slaves to our own scripts.

If you haven't read Chris' book on the unexpected gifts of community you need to read it, it's good food for community. read more

What I Know To Be True

JUN 29, 2013 - Visual Epistles

Here's a clip from our recently filming with theologian Dwight Peterson, who planned his funeral a year ago and is waiting to die, on what he knows to be true and why he loves Jesus. TWOTP films with Dwight on resurrection, community, kind...

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Empire Vs. Community

SEP 27, 2013 - Visual Epistles

The pyramid is the symbol of empire. From top down, the view of human nature is given and the bottom must conform. The circle is the symbol of community. We face each other, and are allowed to see God and our humanity through the eyes of the fallibl...

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The Cross: Living at the Center of Vulnerability

APR 10, 2017 - Visual Epistles

When I, Alana Levandoski, wrote Behold, I Make all Things New (WATCH VIDEO ABOVE), I was imagining the big bang and the beauty and pain of transformation.&...

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A New Place as Dying to Self

FEB 09, 2015 - Visual Epistles

At a deeper level of faith, we are called to “die to our false selves.” This requires spiritual maturity, but will lead to transformation if we let it. Richard Rohr shares with us how to welcome the true self and transformation. Are we willing to di...

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Eucharist as Salvation

OCT 21, 2014 - Visual Epistles

Eucharist as WELCOME is the sixth session from Feeding Our Faith , a 7 film series on the celebration of the Eucharist. Also the second collection from our ...

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Eucharist as Transformation

OCT 07, 2014 - Visual Epistles

Eucharist as Transformation is the fourth session from Feeding Our Faith, a 7 film series on the celebration of the Eucharist. Also the second collection from our new "Poieō Series: Liturgy That Shapes and Transforms." (The word poieō in Greek means...

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Good Friday/Bad Friday

APR 13, 2014 - Visual Epistles

By Phuc Luu

We look forward to Fridays. That is for those of us who can take the weekends off. It marks the start of unburdening ourselves from the week. Friday is the door to the weekend and the weekend means temporary relie...

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Vocation as Listening to Your Life

NOV 06, 2014 - Visual Epistles

Vocation as Listening to Your Life is the third session from  read more

"Come and See" What?

MAY 28, 2017 - Visual Epistles

The subject line read “No Excuses.” It was a recent email campaign from a local church. After somehow linking excuses to capital campaigns, it said, and I quote, ͆A modern parable might begin like this: The k...

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Prayer as The Gift of Presence

JUL 21, 2014 - Visual Epistles

Prayer as The Gift of Presence is the first session from The Art and Practice of Prayer , a 7 film series on embracing divine presence. Also th...

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When God Imagined Me

JAN 19, 2017 - Visual Epistles

I sometimes teach workshops in the art of the protest song. In almost every case, I help people make a shift in their perception, to create a storyline that helps the listener to fall in love with whatever or whome...

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Prayer As Communion Part Two

AUG 19, 2014 - Visual Epistles

Prayer as Communion (Part One) is the fifth session from The Art and Practice of Prayer , a 7 film series on embracing divine presence. Also the first collection from our ...

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DEC 14, 2017 - Visual Epistles

What if this Christmas we stopped the battle over saying "Merry Christmas" and actually faced what it means? If you have never had to travel in order for the government to count your body the way that Mary & Joseph did, then you've got something...

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Prayer as Breathing

JUL 29, 2014 - Visual Epistles

Prayer as a Breathing is the second session from  read more

Prayer As Listening

SEP 02, 2014 - Visual Epistles

Prayer as Listening is the seventh session from The Art and Practice of Prayer, a 7 film series on embracing divine presence. Also the first collection from our new "Poieō Series: Liturgy That Shapes and Transforms." (The word poieō in Greek means “...

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Prayer as Spiritual Detox

AUG 26, 2014 - Visual Epistles

Prayer as Spiritual Detox is the sixth session from The Art and Practice of Prayer , a 7 film series on embracing divine presence. Also the first collection from our new "Poieō Series: Liturgy That Shapes and Transforms." (The word poieō in Greek me...

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Eucharist as Welcome

OCT 14, 2014 - Visual Epistles

Eucharist as WELCOME is the fIfth session from Feeding Our Faith, a 7 film series on the celebration of the Eucharist. Also the second collection from our new "Poieō Series: Liturgy That Shapes and Transforms." (The word poieō in Greek means “to mak...

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Prayer as a Passage

AUG 06, 2014 - Visual Epistles

Prayer as a Passage is the third session from  read more

Prayer As Communion Part One

AUG 12, 2014 - Visual Epistles

Prayer as Communion (Part One) is the fouth session from  read more

Eucharist as Community

SEP 24, 2014 - Visual Epistles

Eucharist as Story is the second session from Feeding Our Faith, a 7 film series on the celebration of the Eucharist. Also the second collection from our new "Poieō Series: Liturgy That Shapes and Transforms." (The word poieō in Greek means “to make...

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Station I: Jesus is Condemned to Death

FEB 17, 2016 - Visual Epistles
NOTE: Throughout this time, we encourage you to make this a practice. Slow down. Become aware of your breathing, quiet your mind, create a sacred time. It doesn’t need to get complicated. Ask God for awareness of what is ready to die. See i...
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Eucharist as Life

OCT 01, 2014 - Visual Epistles

Eucharist as Life is the third session from Feeding Our Faith, a 7 film series on the celebration of the Eucharist. Also the second collection from our new "Poieō Series: Liturgy That Shapes and Transforms." (The word poieō in Greek means “to make” ...

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Eucharist as Story

SEP 16, 2014 - Visual Epistles

Eucharist as Story is the first session from Feeding Our Faith, a 7 film series on the celebration of the Eucharist. Also the second collection from our new "Poieō Series: Liturgy That Shapes and Transforms." (The word poieō in Greek means “to make”...

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Eucharist as Revelation

OCT 27, 2014 - Visual Epistles

Eucharist as Revelation is the seventh session from  read more

Smashing Idols through Pain

FEB 24, 2016 - Visual Epistles

How can we learn to trust that what comes into your life is not against us but for us? For Rev. Barbara Brown Taylor, this is a statement of faith that will take us to the core of being human and knowing p...

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The Massive Living Program

APR 05, 2016 - Visual Epistles

NOTE: From the series Guided by Grace, Love & Light found HERE.

// Watch F...

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Loved Back to Life

APR 12, 2016 - Visual Epistles

NOTE: From the series Guided by Grace, Love & Light found  read more

Vocation as Finding a Way

OCT 23, 2014 - Visual Epistles

Vocation as Finding a Way is the first session from A Calling to the Beloved,  a 7 film series on entering a life of vocation. Also the sec...

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Vocation as the Image of God

OCT 30, 2014 - Visual Epistles

Vocation as the Image of God is the second session from  read more

Vocation as Justice

NOV 14, 2014 - Visual Epistles

Vocation as Justice is the fourth session from  read more

An Image of Pure Love & Fierce Strength for Human Dignity

JUL 13, 2016 - Visual Epistles

Stay Awake.  Pay Attention.  We must Learn to See.

The divine is enfleshed among us.  Her name is love.

It happened again – the sudden pain rising from my chest, releasing its sting, as tears stream from my eyes.  The...

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Vocation As Discernment

NOV 19, 2014 - Visual Epistles

Vocation as Discernment is the fifth session from  read more

Vocation as Wholeness

NOV 24, 2014 - Visual Epistles

Vocation as Wholeness is the sixth session from A Calling to the Beloved, a 7 film series on entering a life of vocation. Also the second collection from ...

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Vocation as Looking

DEC 04, 2014 - Visual Epistles

Vocation as Looking is the seventh and last session from  read more

Advent as Wisdom

DEC 01, 2014 - Visual Epistles

How do we prepare our minds and hearts for the coming of Christ? Often, we speak of Advent as anticipating Christ’s return and Christ’s arrival, but how does that take place? Richard Rohr talks about the difference between the “intellectual mind” an...

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Advent as Breaking the Circle

DEC 08, 2014 - Visual Epistles

God entering into our lives means that God is opening the circle of God’s love to embrace us right where we are. Novelist, Wm. Paul Young talks about how God breaks out of the circle of relationship between the persons of the Trinity in order to inc...

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The Embodiment of Christmas

DEC 15, 2014 - Visual Epistles

Christmas is the gift of an embodied God. This is the story of God joining us, not only in spirit, but also in the flesh. This must mean that the grittiness of humanity is sacred to God. God seeks to be with us, in the most real way. Author and theo...

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The Incarnation of Christmas

DEC 21, 2014 - Visual Epistles

Christmas is about God coming to us, not God in the abstract, but God in the human. However, we often live lives that are so far away from our humanity, our difficulties and struggles. Sociologist, Parker Palmer, wants to help us become born anew, a...

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Broken as the Beginning

FEB 24, 2015 - Visual Epistles

Many of us see our own brokenness as an end to life, but, author, Glennon Doyle Melton, shares with us that it is only the beginning. Grief has a way of opening up parts of our lives to unexpected joy and hope. It helps us to see what is truly impor...

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Discipleship and Pain

MAR 24, 2015 - Visual Epistles

Our stories can be told in several ways, either through the “script” that tells us we should be predatory or through the “script” that tells us we should be a neighbor to the other. Professor Brueggmann says that if we are disciples of Jesus, then t...

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Learn to Party Harder

DEC 30, 2014 - Visual Epistles

How can we learn to party in ways that exceed the imagination of our society? Tom Sine of Mustard Seed Associates talks about an alternative narrative, one that points to ...

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Choosing Life

JAN 06, 2015 - Visual Epistles

Every moment of every day, we are making choices that are either “life-giving” or “death dealing.” Sociologist, Parker Palmer, talks about how we might learn to distinguis...

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Rebirth and Recovery

JAN 26, 2015 - Visual Epistles

Many Christians see being “reborn” as a one-time experience. One day we are not a Christian and the next day we are. However, author, Glennon Doyle Melton sees each day as an opportunity of rebirth. In this video, she speaks about how rebirth, like ...

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Living Loved

JAN 13, 2015 - Visual Epistles

“Are you tired? Worn out?” So many of us can answer affirmative to these questions, but we are often helpless to do anything about it. Blogger and author, Sarah Bessey, talks about a life of “living loved” rather than a life of living as though we a...

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Truth Happens

JAN 19, 2015 - Visual Epistles

Where is the line between beauty and truth? NT Wright reflects on doing truth.

Questions for Reflection

  1. Wright tells a story about preparing to flying to New York for a conference paper and finding out that his father had just die...
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Being Unashamed

FEB 02, 2015 - Visual Epistles

What would it be like to live free from guilt and shame? Author, Erwin McManus, talks about a recurring childhood memory of shame. This sense of shame often debilitates us from moving forward in our lives. How can we move past these experiences and ...

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Into the Darkness

MAR 02, 2015 - Visual Epistles

Sociologist and professor, Parker Palmer, shares the experience of literally “getting stuck” while repelling off of a cliff. The lesson he learned helped him to through a long period of de...

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Enlarge Life

MAR 09, 2015 - Visual Epistles

Excluding death from life narrows what life means. In this video, philosopher, Jean Vanier, draws from the life and work of Etty Hillesum, whose family was departed to Auschwitz from Amsterdam during the Holocaust. Even in the darkness, there can be...

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Sitting In the Dark

MAR 17, 2015 - Visual Epistles

How can we learn to trust that what comes into your life is not against us but for us? For Rev. Barbara Brown Taylor, this is a statement of faith that will take us to the core of being human and knowing pain. Taylor shares how pain can break the id...

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The Mystery of Embodied Life

APR 06, 2015 - Visual Epistles

Can the resurrection be defined? New Testament Professor, Dwight Peterson, ponders the mystery of both Jesus’s resurrection and the resurrection of humanity. Being a hospice patient and confined to a sick bed, Peterson sees the resurrection as somet...

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Bring II Into the Light

MAR 30, 2015 - Visual Epistles

Life is difficult, and sometimes too difficult. Author and speaker, Nish Weiseth, shares about a time struggling with postpartum depression that almost took her life. In these times even the smallest bits of hope will help us to bring things into th...

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Resurrection as Inhabiting Truth

APR 13, 2015 - Visual Epistles

Fr. Greg Boyle, founder of Homeboy Industries, a non-profit organization that helps to bring young people out of gangs, talks about “the risen Christ reality.” Up to the time of this video, Fr. Boyle has buried 193 young people because of gang viole...

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Resurrection as Worship

APR 20, 2015 - Visual Epistles

Sara Miles, author and founder of The Food Pantry ministry, talks about the purpose of worship in raising the dead. If the resurrection is a reality that embraces the lives of all of God’s people, then worship should not be a passive experience cent...

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Resurrection as Something new

MAY 04, 2015 - Visual Epistles

A native to Croatia and not unfamiliar to war, violence, and ethnic hatred, Miroslav Volf, is a theologian who seeks to bring the reality of the Trinity to all aspects of life. In this film, Volf tells a story about his Father, a concentration camp ...

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Resurrection as Life

APR 27, 2015 - Visual Epistles

The shadow of death covered Burundi on October 25, 1993, one of worst days of the Burundi Civil War. At the same time, Maggy Barankitse  was providing ...

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Rising from the Deep

MAY 12, 2015 - Visual Epistles

In a journey of doubt and faith, pastor and author, Danielle Shroyer, found that some ways to think about Jesus’s death did not match up to her basic intuitions about what it meant for God to die on the cross. In this video, Shroyer discusses how th...

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Resurrection as Energy

MAY 19, 2015 - Visual Epistles

The resurrection shakes the foundation of the earth. Episcopal priest, Paul Fromberg, sees the resurrection as an energy that reaches across the cosmos. In this film, Fromberg talks about signs of the resurrection that he sees in his work and in the...

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Resurrection as Beginning

JUN 01, 2015 - Visual Epistles

New Testament professor, Dwight Peterson, shares about anger, grief, and the hope that there is something beyond the grave. Perhaps the only way to live well is to  read more

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